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2008 Food Crisis

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Just as it was in the case of 1974, the 2008 food crisis made the loopholes of the global food security system apparent to a broader audience. The crisis has reflected back to the fundamental roles that are undertaken by the food security and production both the present welfare as well as in the long run development process. In spite of the socioeconomic constraints, the 1974 food crisis brought about institutions, such as the IFAD, WFP, CGIAR and Early GIIEWS, which have been successful in their effort to ensure food security while raising productivity in agriculture sectors. Nevertheless, global policymakers have significantly failed to address the fundamental shortcomings of the world food system, including excessive dependence on the reserve system of grain producers as a second alternative to a free trading (Nations 2008).

The crisis should serve as a wake up call to the policymakers to redress three decades complacency on the food security. At national level, policymakers have the obligation to make sure that the vulnerable and poor do not get further into poverty. The other lesson from the food crisis is the call for effort to revive a Green Revolution in Africa (Tandon 2009).

Buy custom 2008 Food Crisis essay

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