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Equity in Measure for Measure

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Act one, scene one

He tries to bring proper equity as the play opens with Duke leaving town and appointing Angelo to be in charge or to take the leadership role. Men in the play seemed to be having greater privileges to women as seen through the leadership of Duke. Men were considered prominent leaders in the play, in that women, can only attain the leadership post in the absence of the men. He compares the light bestowed upon him from heaven to a leader’s ability to light a torch and brighten people’s path [Angela]. Angela who is a woman has no leadership ability that is why Duke was referring to the light from heaven.

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Duke explains to Angelo that any unshared goodness is just but a waste in leadership. Although women have the ability to lead, they are not given the opportunity to do so making them less privileged. This has been seen when The Duke realized that Angelo had known the governing process, but should be given the opportunity to govern and fully understand the responsibilities that associate with the position given. What seems to have the most sway over the course of the events in the play is the leadership role. A man considered more privileged in the play was the centre of attractions in leadership roles as seen by The Duke’s leadership. In the play, the notion of equity and leadership as a measure for measure explained. Equity and equality as portrayed in the scene shows both men and women given the opportunity to take leadership positions.

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The Duke who was a leader gives his powers to Angelo who takes the leadership roles. This brings equality between men and the other party can assume women in that one’s responsibilities. King James who was a secret admirer of poetry and drama in his early days was highly tutored by the celebrated George Buchanan and the instructions had profited him. His main aim was to ridicule the weaknesses of the king although he had his qualities, which far outweighed his weaknesses. Shakespeare’s main message was as he worked in the Court of Elizabeth he had seen King James as the successor of the England throne and that he had prepared the way for his regard and favor. He had seen King James ascending to power thus taking the throne from queen Elizabeth of England.

The message scene portrays the message in such a way that King James sees himself as the successor of Elizabeth’s throne. The king upon receiving the message invited Shakespeare and, other poets to his throne to entertain him. He would have regarded him as the greatest poet in the country, which he would have made it public to be known by all. The king on his accession to the throne of England as per receiving of the message would have forbidden the people from assembling to meet him as he entered his new kingdom. The king loved the people but would not like to stage him to their eyes though it would have done well.  

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