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Writing an essay, term paper, Masters Dissertation, Doctoral Thesis or book report is never an easy job.  Even the best student can not be expected to turn out a masterpiece every time they set down at the keyboard.  That’s where PrimeEssays comes in.  We are here to help you maintain consistently high quality written work that will guarantee consistently high marks and good reviews from your teachers and professors.

To make your experience in working with as comfortable and reassuring as possible you probably want to know exactly how our writing process works.  Below is a simple explanation of how we initially approach your project and the steps we go through to make certain that the finished result is precisely what you had in mind when you contacted us.  This is how it works.

1. Analyzing Your Project Request.

When you come to us at we analyze your request, taking into account both the topic you have proposed and the approach you want us to take.  This phase involves two separate steps.  You will be given access to a control panel through which you can give all of your paper’s details and your specific instructions on how you want us to approach the paper.  Then we will review this initial input including all the details of your project and the format you want us to follow in preparing your paper. 

2. Assigning a Writer.

Based on the information you have provided to we will select a writer who is fully versed in your particular topic and the academic level which you require.  By selecting the very best writer for your project eliminates any chance that the paper you receive is anything less than what you need.  Each of our writers has their own individual style and approach to their writing assignments, thus ensuring that every paper is as unique and individual as you are and that your particular paper meets every required academic standard.  To ensure that your paper meets all current British academic standard our system is continually updated with any changes in the requirements of the British educational system.

3. Understanding Your Project.

Once your project has been assigned to a particular writer, that writer will study the information you have provided to us.  If they have any questions they may ask you for additional information, or clarification, on specific points.  Only when your writer is certain that they understand exactly what you need and want will they actually begin work on your paper.

4. Collaborating With Your Writer.

As your personal writer begins the process of assembling your paper they may need to communicate with to ask you questions or to obtain additional information; this they will do by messaging you through our control panel and 24 hour a day, 7 day a week message board system.  By accessing the message board you can either take a hands-on approach and be intimately involved in every step of the work or simply monitor the progress of your paper without providing additional input.  If you chose a hands-on approach you can use the message board and control panel to talk to our support staff or your personal writer as often as you want and at any phase of the work.

5. Reference Material.

The reference material required to assemble and write an academically outstanding paper are as varied as the hundreds of topics and subjects that we cover.  To ensure that the reference material used in writing your paper is both up to date and accurate our writers are trained to reference only accepted academic sources of information such as online data bases and libraries, rather than using the often unreliable information that appears on popular websites.

6. Guarding Against Plagiarism.

Before your paper is delivered to you it will be subjected to an automated plagiarism cross-check program.  By always using this step in the writing process we guarantee that the material used in your paper is unique and in no way uses existing written work that might bring the originality of your paper into question.

7. Delivery and Revisions. will always deliver your finished paper by the deadline you specified and, in many case, your work will be in your hands well before you actually need it.  When your paper is ready for you, you will be notified by email and you can download the finished work directly from you email ‘in’ box.  Once you have your finished paper please take time to read it over to be sure you are satisfied with the way it looks.  If you find that there are any problems with the work you will have 14 days to request any necessary changes or revisions.

8. Feedback will provide you with access to a feedback form.  By reviewing your comments and evaluation of your writer’s work we are able to reward our writers for a job well done or reevaluate their performance if you have experienced any problems.  In this way maintains the highest possible standards in online writing services and helps guarantee that you are completely satisfied with our service.

At we aim to provide you with essays, term papers, Masters Dissertations, Doctoral Theses and book reports that exceed all of your expectations as well as those of your teachers and professors. 

With every order placed with you will receive a free anti-plagiarism report as well as a discount on your next order.

There is no reason to go to expensive, unreliable online writing services when promises to provide you with the best possible writing service at a price you can afford and which provides you with 24/ 7 access to our message board and customer care line. 

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