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Our agency provides nothing but exceptional custom writing and editing services. While we have been operating on the online market, the number of our loyal customers increased considerably. All of them have chosen our agency over the others providing online services due to our dedication to our job. We always pay scrupulous attention to the instructions provided by our clients and make sure to deliver completed writing projects on time. In order to express our gratitude to our regular customers, we have made a decision to design a compelling and beneficial affiliate program.

It is necessary to state that such a thing as an affiliate program is very popular nowadays. Since the competition is fierce, online companies are always in search of the means of attracting new customers and being more advantageous to them than other agencies. Certainly, the companies offering an affiliate scheme have more clients than those that do not have such a scheme. It is worth admitting that affiliate programs are used to establish good business relationship with the customers and, as a result, reward the latter with great bonuses for promoting the company services. Let us agree that this is a very effective marketing tool that lets both organizations and their customers gain superb advantages. Hence, if you are wondering how to start earning money from home, try to cooperate with an online writing agency. Believe that this is a brilliant idea. As to the main principles of the affiliate program, they are the following: a client has to advise their friends, classmates, etc. specific writing services and, as a result, get cash bonuses once their affiliates place their orders at a respective site. When dealing with a trustworthy company, you will get a great chance to not only receive a properly created piece of writing but also maintain your financial stability. Besides, you will not need to pay anything to become an affiliate.

Offering valuable services is a minimum that can be done for our customers. That is why we have decided to develop a wonderful affiliate program to show our clients that we appreciate their use of our services. When participating in this program, our customers will be able to earn cash and spend it on buying papers from us.

What to Pay Attention to when Considering the Participation in Our Affiliate Program:

  • 01.

    No additional payments:

    To start participating in our referral scheme, no any fees needed. You just need to have a personal cabinet at our site.

  • 02.

    Great benefits for new clients:

    Each user brought by you will get a generous 17% discount on the first order.

  • 03.

    Superior benefits for you:

    You will be provided with a 10% bonus from the total cost of the paper ordered by the one whom you have invited to us. You can use the earned bonuses to purchase papers from our company.

  • 04.

    Different methods for inviting people:

    You can invite new customers by using social networks, your email, or phone. You will face no problems with tracking your affiliates.

  • 05.

    Timely payouts:

    Your bonuses can be paid out at any time (under the condition that the amount of money on your account exceeds $50).

  • 06.

    If any questions arise:

    Contact our support agents who are available 24/7.



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    When your friend places an order, you will be awarded a 10% bonus



    Friends' discount

    Invited friends will receive a 17% discount when placing their 1st order



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Our affiliate program is your chance to generate passive income



For example, if your friends place 10 orders and an
average order is $120 (some orders can exceed $2000) then:

$Your average
revenue is
= ( 10 orders
per day
X $120 an average
X 10% commission ) X 30 days per
= $3600

One of a kind essay affiliate program - your friends will thank you for showing them how to get good academic papers at low prices!

Join Our Referral Scheme to Be Able to Generate Profits!

Have no doubt that the decision to take part in our affiliate scheme is right. Our referral program has been designed to give our clients a wonderful opportunity to reap handsome profits. It is up to you to decide how to use the earned bonuses. You may either use them to buy papers from us or withdraw them by any means which you find suitable. Draw your attention to the fact that your bonuses will be stored in your account which only you will have access to. Thus, are you ready to join our referral program after consider the described benefits? If you still have any questions about the peculiarities of our affiliate program, feel free to get in touch with our support agents. They will respond to all your questions. Now, you know what the most effective way of earning money while being a student is. Thus, do not miss this chance! Become our loyal customer and enjoy considerable advantages offered by our agency!


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