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Everyone is familiar with the situation when you need to hurry up with your college papers but you actually do not know where to start from. As a rule the half of those students will simply copy paste the needed information, however won`t get anything more that the professor’s note about plagiarism; another half will try to find the custom research papers service that would definitely help. If you are the one from the second group you are already lucky enough to choose the right option by having the desire to buy essays done by the professionals, however there is another question: How to choose professional essays papers and custom written essays service in order to be 100% sure in the quality of your college essays.

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Today more and more professors are using the websites and special software to detect the plagiarized student essays. In addition, they check the college papers manually, looking for the bibliography and references. The professors become more aware of the students` abilities to cheat; therefore they do all possible to stop it and detect the cheater.

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