The Role of School in Human Life

The Role of School in Human Life

School plays a huge role in human life, which not everyone appreciates and  understands fully. School has a very important and responsible task of the education of the younger generation.

School is the foundation of a young life; it is a springboard for conquering vital peaks in today's difficult world. Sometimes school is compared with the army. After all, children start to work for the first time in life in school. Children get their first social experience in school.

Teacher’s  Functions in School

Many pupils remember their first teachers for many years. It happens so if a teacher has superb psychological abilities to teach, to lead, and most importantly, to love children, regardless of their differences.

School is a rather complicated mechanism. It would not be able to cope with its tasks without cooperation of teachers and parents.

Friendshipand Classmates

Comprehending everything new at school, you grow up together with your friends and develop physically and morally from year to year. The first love and friendship  also appear within the walls of the school.


School teaches children not only moral values. The most important function of this institution is to provide education. That is, all students should receive basic knowledge here. Many students wonder why they need to learn so many subjects if they have already decided in what direction they want to develop further. However, it is worth remembering that no skills are superfluous. First, life is very unpredictable, and people do not know what may happen tomorrow and what knowledge can really come in handy in adult life. Secondly, an erudite person always creates a good impression in the society; it is interesting to communicate with him or her. School also prepares students to the admission to college.

Communication Skills

As mentioned earlier, school is the place where children begin to create their teams and communicate. If a person grows up and forms as a person in solitude, it will be very difficult to survive in society for him or her. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your peers and attend various additional lessons and creative classes.


Studying at school means not only visiting lessons. Modern schools offer their students a lot of entertainment. It does not mean that children just laugh and have fun here. All these activities are cognitive and very useful, for example, visiting interesting architectural monuments, theaters, and concerts, hiking, organizing amateur performances, etc. Children can not only spend time well but also benefit from it and show their best qualities at school.

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