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The number of online service providers offering custom written essays and pre written essays for sale is mesmerizing. Is it realistic that a company can offer originally-written papers when they also sell pre written papers from a database they maintain? Does this suggest that the essay they custom-write for you is instantly added to their database for resale to someone else?

In general, you should avoid online service providers offering to provide you with custom papers when they also sell pre written essays because:

  • Such companies often give their writers access to the database of pre written papers when they are tasked with fulfilling a new order.  It is not advisable for students to submit papers that have already been written by you or another party for a different purpose because this constitutes plagiarism.
  • You will probably receive a paper that has been copied from another source with some tweaking to the format to make it look different.
  • When students are given assignments, they are expected to submit a paper with new ideas and this is very unlikely to happen if you buy work from a company whose business it is to sell pre-written papers.
  • A genuine custom work should be accompanied with a solid guarantee that it is not the policy of the company who provided it to resell papers. A service provider openly offering pre written essays for sale cannot offer such a guarantee. If they do offer such a guarantee, then they operate a contradictory policy! Hence, it is not in your interests to buy papers from them.
  • You are likely to find their quality substandard, possibly reflected in an excessively cheap price. Such companies usually operate as paper swap shops where essays are constantly being exchanged. You may find that you have to add your own work to a database in order to buy pre written essays from that source. And, it is usually the case that students who add their work to public databases have no incentive to apply much effort, creativity or imagination to their written work.
  • There is no way that such pre written essays will bear much resemblance to the assignment you have been tasked with. It would be impossible because such papers were designed for a different purpose. Indeed, it would be a more efficient use of your time to create your own essay than spend hours getting to grips with someone else’s.
  • Search engines such as Google or Yahoo and most anti-plagiarism systems such as Eve2, MyDropBox or Turnitin will instantly recognize such cheap or free material. Your tutor will also easily be able to identify the source of such material if you buy pre written essays of this nature. You risk serious disciplinary action if you submit this type of work, which is a high price to pay.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that numerous students argue that their reason for buying essays online that are pre-written is to use them as examples or guides for creating their own work, which is a worthy purpose.  But you should consider ordering or booking pre written essays from such a source, whether this is the best means of helping you create your own paper. It may be more sensible to consult your tutor if you want such guidance as many hold model papers that may be more useful. It would be better to provide a writing company with that example than order or book pre written essays from an unreliable source.

Most tutors are becoming wise to the fact that students buy pre written essays online. So, the practice of buying essays online from companies who employ true professionals to custom-write papers from scratch is growing in popularity. And most operate a strict policy on not reselling papers, backed by guarantees, at a reasonable price.

It is perplexing that so many students buy pre written essays when their value is doubtful. It is possible that students who are new to university or are inexperienced in writing or buying papers don’t yet understand academic rules or the value of a high-quality original essay.   

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