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A Big Challenge

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Undertaking any filed of engineering can be a great challenge to any student. A field that is mostly appealing to me is the development of network equipments and the transfer of information or data across these networks. The design of equipments that are both efficient and faster than the ones we know today in this filed will indeed be a big challenge. Indeed, the internet is one example of how this field has affected society, as enormous amounts of information are now available to many people across the globe. Moreover, networking technology has become indispensible in government agencies, banks, companies as well as in the lives of ordinary citizens. I therefore, believe that networking has an endless opportunity for electrical engineers in the near future.

There are numerous opportunities in this field and since technology is developing at a high rate, I believe electronic communication will continue to play an even better role than we might think. People will be able to turn on any radio station in the world or watch any movie with a click of a button as well as doing many things remotely. In addition, many institutions of learning will heavily rely on electrical gadgets to create virtual institutions of learning across the globe. As a result, students will be in a position to undertake live interviews, visit different cities through on-demand video, and experience the traditions of many cultures across the globe. Therefore, the need for electrical engineers will continue to increase as the demand for these capabilities become a reality in the future. For me, it would be an achievement to help make these realities possible by pursuing electrical engineering at John Hopkins.

Buy custom A Big Challenge essay

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