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A New Death Experience

As usual we used to go strolling on Sundays. Given that am always around boys this has really transformed me. You know what I mean. To be like them this day was no different. We decided to go down the hills for our usual adventure. We went chatting mischievously. I was making fun of everything we found on the way. It was really I joyful time. Am never this curious but amazingly this afternoon I was so curious. As we went down through the bend I saw something like a suck. “Hey guys look at that”, I called on my brothers. They suddenly turned around and all of us were facing the supposedly suck. Suddenly the suck moved this was not now intriguing but scary. First I had to decide whether to check it out or just leave it. My instincts were rather high so I could not leave. I walked slowly towards it. There were large rocks around so I approached with caution. Slowly I summed up my courage and came close to my imagined suck. “Oh my God” it’s a puppy! I suddenly took the pieces of bush lying around it. And tried to see what was wrong with it. It was really hurt. Blood was oozing from its neck. It was a bite I could tell. I slowly picked her up and from the way it was looking at me. I felt so much pity. I started thinking immediately as much as I wanted to help. I felt this meant a lot of responsibity on my part. I asked my brother, “Mike what you think we should do?” He replied with a cool voice that I should consider it a gift and go treat the poor thing. The problem was not nursing but my parents. I felt this meant a lot. I looked at the puppy one more time and for sure I knew I had made up my mind. There is no way am going to leave the puppy there given that it was hurt. Quickly I held her in my arms carefully. We changed our plans and we were surely heading home. Everyone was quite I believe the intensity of what we were doing was getting on us slowly. We had to hurry up; every time I peeped at the puppy she seemed to be getting weaker. Nature animals are supposed to fend for themselves. I really started appreciating my being. Imagine the poor thing was just there hurt and no one to look after.

On arriving home I went to my room. Of course I was not prepared to give any explanation so I used secret passage to my room. On the first aid cabinet I took the necessary things I believed would actually help the puppy. Every time I looked at her I felt some connection. I slowly started nursing her. I started feeling comforted to the extent I was now trying to imagine the new name that I was going to give my new puppy. “I would call it Ivory, Rex…” The list of names was endless. After giving the puppy a quick first aid. I decided to wait and see. This is not happening the puppy was not improving. I was feeling like I was losing my precious friend. For those few minute I felt that ivory meant everything to me. I had already named, given that even his condition was worsening. If it was my friend I would have easily asked her what was wrong or what really happened. So I could consider what step to take next. We can’t talk. But he is in pain. Anyway I was really wasting my time my new was slowly consciousness. I realized that I had to act fast. Ivory was going to die if I don’t act. I rushed down stairs. I went to the kitchen. Immediately I entered I guess terror was written all over my face. “What is wrong?” I quickly replied my heart thumping up so fast as if I was on a race. “She is dying…..” she didn’t wait to hear who she was in the room before I could explain. I followed her as fast and was just with her when she arrived. She was astonished but her heart was moved with compassion for the puppy. She nodded an agreement and told me to go pick the car key as we were heading to the veterinary. I was surprised but the idea was ivory was in danger. Within a few minutes we hit the road. I live in a small town and with the speed with which my mum was driving am sure the town people were surely questioning our sanity since they could not tell what was wrong.

On the entrance we were met by the veterinary and quickly our seriously hurt patient was rushed to a room I believed was to be used for treating her. I was told to wait outside. There I moved up and down not knowing what to think. Was Ivory going to be okay? What is really happening to her right now? Are they going to put her under serious heavy machines to quickly help her? Never mind my ideas were so limited. I have never been to a veterinary doctor. After what seemed like eternity finally the vet and my mum walked out of the room. They were not talking so I imagined the worst. She realized and slowly hugged me and told me everything was ok. The doctor then took the opportunity to explain using the usual jargon. But my mum slowly toned it down to me. Ivory had been bitten and had seriously lost blood but they are doing everything to help her as for now they couldn’t really give a sure response. We were shown a place to sit and wait for the report. There and then I knew my moment of truth had come. I explained how I had found ivory hurt and alone as we were going for our usual adventures. As I explained I noticed the new emotional attachment as I said every word with the emotions I was feeling. She was quick to understand but said we would follow all procedures if I had to keep the puppy. Then suddenly the veterinary approached at least this time his face was cool. He gave nothing away but I could tell everything was not that bad. He told us that ivory was out of danger we could go check on her but would have to remain there for some time in order for her to completely recover. This was not easy for me but I slowly walked to the room to check on her. After all the worst was over. Ivory was now awake and could even move her eyes. I was so happy my new found friend was well.

The doctor later explained that it was a stray puppy which was a rare thing because the breed was a unique one. It was an affenpinsche which originates from Germany. That solved one of my problems the puppy was quickly registered to my name and vaccinated. On the third I took my newly owned friend now that we fully belonged to each other. It was a new death experience for my puppy ivory but she survived.


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