Free «A Significant Mistake or Failure» UK Essay Sample

A Significant Mistake or Failure

“An opportunity lost is an opportunity gone” Is a common cliché that many people know well but never really understand the true meaning of it. Many people will vividly narrate to you how they have let opportunities slip by without realizing. It all comes down to the question of whether the individual is committed and motivated to recognize opportunity. I personally have committed many mistakes but the most painful of all is when I let a training program at work slip away. Little did I know, that work program could have helped me get that promotion I had worked for a long time. Laxity and satisfaction is one of the main reasons why I decided not to join for the modern day managerial tactics course. The training program came at I time when I had joined many others like them before, but they had added little value to improvement in the position at work. I was too tired to join any job training. I was also beginning to get satisfied with the position I was at work as the marketing assistant. I had been eyeing that vice president of sales for too long for now I wanted to settle into my current position.Many people lack the initiative to go that extra mile. After putting too much effort into that desired goal, they lose morale not knowing how close they are to achieving it.

I had attended many seminars and training program organized by both the company and other external organizations. The little initiative to continue doing so is lacking in many as it was in me. I had little desire to go to that managerial seminar although I had much interest in it. I only realized how important it was when I went to that job interview and my colleague who we had competed for that spot for so long, gained an edge over me because of it.I regret most my failure to recognize the opportunity that was before me. I only needed to gain that managerial seminar experience to gain an edge over my closest competitor for the job. The managerial seminar was mandatory for one to be promoted. I reached the final short listing stage and was one of the leading candidate for the job, as most of the previous seminars and training program I had been the most consistent and active participant. They had to settle for second placed candidate for the job, as one of the requirements was for the successful candidate to have attended the managerial training programme. My lack of ability to recognize the importance of the seminar after being serious for so long, is what I regret most.Many people have lamented over lost opportunities, which could achieve those dreams and goals they have harbored for so long but that simple mistake has led to failure to achieve them. It is therefore important to all individuals to ensure that they remain vigilant, so that they are not caught napping when that opportunity finally comes knocking.


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