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Critical Reading

Critical reading is the process of reading through a material with the aim of understanding deeply the subject matter. This is the process of being able to absorb the concept and in the meantime analyzing and evaluating its meaning using common sense. The act of critical reading enables one to understand a deep meaning of a subject for the purpose of getting its intended teaching. This is important because some materials may have hidden meanings not clear from normal reading and can only be deeply understood through critical reading between the lines. This would mean considering options of what the writer really meant by a statement until you get the appropriate meaning.

The first step before beginning critical reading of unhappy meals was to set my mind and focus on reading with intention of deep understanding. I also ensured that there are no expected disturbances in the process because it may disorient a reader in the process of analyzing the subject. The other important element was to obtain a dictionary or any other tool to look up for any words whose meanings may not be clear and have a highlighter to underline important points in the process. This is important because process because it enables an individual to be ready for critical reading work.

The first thing when it comes to reading is the title of the material and its writer. In this case we have unhappy meals as the title. What came immediately to my mind is why the term meal is personified by the fact it is unhappy? By just reading the title, I already know that the article is something not goodabout food. The other thing that came to my mind is about the author called Micheal Pollan who is a writer of The New York Times Magazine and I already know that this is the first article written by him that I am ready to critically read.

As I read the article, I understood that it is explaining the type of food that humans need to eat in order to live healthy. The first phrase that I underlined in the beginning is, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”, and I noted that it is a generalized answer on the food that people are supposed to eat in order to live healthy. The other important thing noted is that eating whole fresh foods is much better than processed foods. Also, I noted the fact that foods which come with health claims should be avoided.

As I read further I noted that food has been gradually replaced by nutrients in the markets. The other things noted that it is not easy to classify nutritional values of different foods and that the term nutrition is good for business rather that health. I further noted that people should eat less of any particular food. Moreover, I underlined the fact that in several studies of nutrients, they separate the nutrients from food and food from context of diet making it to be difficult to choose certain food for certain nutritional value. Furthermore, I noted about the concept of an elephant in the room where a diet involved a lot of meat and processed food and lacking fruits, plant or whole grain as practiced by the western.

In the process of reading, I found it interesting that the quantity of food we eat really do not matter rather than its benefit to our health. For instance, the western diet include a lot of meat and fats in their meals but it is of no value to their health by omitting whole grains, fruits and plants in their diets. Another interesting part is on the processed food which is not real food according to the writer. He emphasized in the beginning and as a conclusion that a person should eat real food which is natural. Another interesting aspect of the story is that the less we eat the better for our health. It is a hard advice as suggested by the writer because people need to eat without being dictated on the quantity. The argument he brings out is that if we get quality food, we do not have to eat a lot.

It is normal to find words that are not familiar when reading an article. During my reading I found difficult words that I looked up in the dictionary to understand its meanings. Examples of such words I looked up were epidemiologist, palatable and so on.

The summary of this article is that it explains the type of food that we are supposed to eat in order to have a healthy life. The writer begins by emphasizing on the fact that we should eat real food and avoid those foods with health claims. He continues to emphasize that we should not use processed food rather we buy the natural food at farmers market. We should also consider investing more money on quality food which we should eat less; just sufficient for our bodies. The writer further emphasize on eating more of plants and culture food. He concludes by stating that one should eat variety as well as cook for themselves in order to control what they eat. Thus the whole article is explaining the recommended food for good health.


This article is very good according to me in relation to food. It recommends a lot of food items that are good for the health of a person. The part of real food is really good in that it discourages people from eating processed foods which may lack necessary nutrients. The fact that plants are encouraged by the writer is good because they are simple and cannot affect our bodies.

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The writer also advises on use of a lot of fruits as well as reducing the quantity of food we take. It is an important fact because it gives one vitamins for fighting any diseases as well as little food intake ensures that we do not get too fat resulting in health complications such as obesity. The variety of food taken by an individual ensures that we get most of the nutrients and it is advisable. Finally, I agree with the writer’s position that we “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”


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