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“Cry Freedom”

“Cry Freedom” is a film directed by Attenborough Richard. It is a British drama film set in 1970 during apartheid era in South Africa. The film was written by John Briley from a screenplay based on pair of books written by the journalist Donald Woods. This film is based or centered on the real life events which involve Steve Biko, the black activist, and his friend Donald Woods. In the story, Donald initially found Steve destructive and tries to understand his way of life. The film Cry Freedom delves into discrimination ideas, corruption in politics, and the aftermath of violence. Attenborough Richard, the director of the Cry Freedom, portrays his biasness in his point of view in the film. This film is based on the brutality used by the white man and how Steve Biko, the black activist, died. It also touches on the consciousness and racial hatred as well as many other issues.

This film was banned when it was released in the country. The film Cry Freedom was about death and life in prison of a black consciousness and the leader Biko Bantu Steve. Even though Cry Freedom was enormously popular, a very radical the black Azanian People’s Organization (AZAPO) also criticized it for centering on white protagonist in the narrative. When commenting on the ban, AZAPO argued that, “we believe that the government is not afraid of how comrade Biko is portrayed. Instead, it was not looking itself in the mirror”. That was Woods and the white society portrayed in the film. The organization was doubted to be efficient, and its legitimacy was questioned when it came to the film representing all it stood for. According to what Steve Biko depicts or says, it is believed that it is an everyday talk by the members of the founded movement and all the other people who are involved in liberation and struggle.

In the film Cry Freedom, Steve Biko is seen as one influential and important character as he stands up for his rights. He was a black man who was considered a threat being a political activist to the white-ruled government in South Africa. It then resulted in a ban imposed on him, and he was officially prohibited from his duties such as exercising of basic human rights and from publishing his views. Biko is considered as an important character for his part played in the fighting against racism and equal treatment, he did not fight for blacks to have an advantage.


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