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This essay focuses on analysis of data gathered from a questionnaire. The questionnaire has been made for Dominos Pizza and is to be analyzed with a view of coming up with specific measures that are to be adhered to to ensure that Dominos Pizza reaps maximum profits. Therefore, the major target areas are making maximum sales, targeting the right market, attracting more customers; ensuring efficiency and safety in handling of customers needs by ensuring that workers behave well towards customers. These measures will also ensure that Dominos outdoes its competitors in terms of sales and annual turnover, thus ensuring maximum revenue (Farris W. & Bendle & Pfeifer & Reibstein 2010).

The dwindling fortunes of pizza sales by Dominos Pizza necessitated the enterprise to carry out a market research. This involved administering questionnaires to customers who showed up at their premises to buy pizza. However, the researchers had to ask the potential respondents if they were willing to take part and if they could spare a little time to fill up the questionnaire. According to the research procedure, the customers who agreed to take part were then taken to the staff tea room so they could fill up the questionnaire as they took some tea. They were assured that their responses would remain confidential and that they should not shy away from expressing their personal opinions as it contribute to the improvement of the services offered by Dominos (Pizza Reid D. A. & Plank R. E. 2004).

The questionnaire involved a total of 30 individuals with women making a slight majority of 53%. Although this was an insignificant difference between the genders, their age differences had an important implication. For instance, 50% of the women were actually above forty years of age. This was important in the sense that in most cases it is the young ladies who consume pizzas. However, it gave an impression that the market has not been fully penetrated especially the young population. Among the men, 40% of pizza consumers were between the age of 18 and 28 while those between the age of 28 and forty were the least consumers. This is not as unique as in the case of women considering that this age bracket is still youthful enough to enjoy a classy life. However, it is the re-emergence of a relative popularity among men beyond the age of forty that raised concerns. Actually, it became clear that the younger generation has not been adequately penetrated in as far as the market for pizza is concerned (Anderson J. C. & Narus, J. A. 2004).

The business class was the highest consumers of pizza according to the research findings. Actually, 23% of pizza consumers were business persons followed closely by students at 17%. The relative unpopularity of pizza amongst students, however, remained clear from this data.  Besides, a good majority were family men and women who made up 47% of the entire market. Although unmarried individuals were also considerably many at 43%, it was not satisfactory considering the general patterns of consumption in any society. The youth are generally classy and would find it very easy to associate with pizza consumption. Nonetheless, there was a noticeable trend whereby single personalities only bought pizza occasionally while married individuals had some kind of regularity. Ideally, this was a pointer to the fact that pizza consumption had been more popular in the past that it is today. This could only be attributed to laxity in marketing the product, further explaining why the older generation consumes more pizza as compared to the younger generation (Farris W. & Neil T. B. & P. E. Pfeifer & D. J. Reibstein 2010).

According to the research findings, pizza consumption was equally popular among the working class earning between 1,000 and 10,000 pounds and those earning between over 40 pounds annually. This clearly demystified the notion that the high income earners would most probably consume pizza. Ideally, it was clear that people consume pizzas regardless of their level of incomes. As such, the relative unpopularity of pizza consumption among earners of between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds annually should not be a cause of concern. For instance, marketing strategies specifically targeting them would definitely produce positive results (Anderson C. & Narus A. 2004).

In light of these findings, the best way to improve the volume of sales is to use incentives to get people buying pizzas. For instance, Dominos Pizza could adopt a strategy whereby every student who buys two pizzas is given one free. This will greatly increase the volume of sales considering that students form a significant portion of the market. Besides, Dominos Pizza must seek to offer better services than rival enterprises like Texas Pizza. However, this must focus on quality and speed of delivery because these are the areas where Dominos Pizza’s performance was relatively poor. For instance, the problem of delivery could be solved by setting up stores in different locations especially in the areas that record marked delivery orders. This will save the drivers the hustle and insecurity that they often expose themselves to negotiating their way through unfamiliar routes. Further, indoor improvement should be done on Dominos Pizza so that it looks attractive enough to induce young kids to pressure their parents into buying them pizzas. This can be achieved through an attractive layout as well as hospitable staff properly trained on customer relations. This is the only way to get Dominos Pizza at the top of the pizza market again (Reid D. A. & Plank R. E. 2004).

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Dominos Pizza has to target college students as they form the largest portion of the potential market. However, they should also attempt to package their products in a more attractive manner so as to outdo their competitors in the market. This can be done by giving free pizza for every two bought by a male customer. Besides, the pizzas should be sweetened with honey so to fit the need of the kids in a way that is harmless to their lives as honey is a healthy natural sugar. This will help Dominos Pizza penetrate new markets as well as retain the current one (Farris W. & Neil T. B. & P. E. Pfeifer & D. J. Reibstein 2010).


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