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Economic Security

Community members benefit equally from a strong and healthy community-centered economy. This provides a great environment for growth and development of a community. It will also make a big contribution to the community sustainability. There should be a possibility of reinvestment of resources in the local economy. This will mean continuity for every community member which promotes sustainability. There should be a maximization of local ownership of businesses. This will mean creation of an environment where majority can make a living for themselves without having to depend on someone else. Another requirement for an environment for a sustainable community is responsive and accessible job training and education programs that will enable the workforce adjust well to the future needs of the community and society. This must also culminate into meaningful employment opportunities for all citizens. To ensure economic security above everything else, there must be businesses that promote community sustainability.

Majority of those in the community experience the environment first in their own neighborhoods. The environment of a sustainable neighborhood offers housing choices, transportation, provides convenient access to services, shops, parks, schools and conserves resources. Local officials, private businesses and citizen groups have a role to play in ensuring a better neighborhood or community environment (Roseland, 2005). A sustainable community should look at special efforts to reduce environmental pollution such as carbon emissions. This can be done best by designing walkable neighborhoods or investing in public transport so as to reduce the community’s reliance on personal vehicles. A community with an acceptable environment should also seek to ensure that the neighborhoods are all inclusive by providing the benefits of sustainability and environmental opportunities. There should also be social and economic opportunity to people of all ages, incomes, races and ethnicities. Sustainability should be led by the community, and decisions should be made unanimously. Citizen-led processes must be complemented by the government in order to make them more successful. An environment in a sustainable community should recognize that growth takes place within certain limits and is eventually limited by the total capacity of the environment. These limits must be known to the members of a particular community. Sustainable neighborhoods use renewable resources of energy and minimize harm to the natural environment. It does not compromise the sustainability of future generations by its activities. This means that it does not dwell on the temporal perspective. A sustainable neighborhood’s environment is organized in a way that enables all its citizens to meet their own needs and to promote the lives of everyone without causing damage to the natural world or endangering the living conditions of other people in the present or in the future. This is a greener and inclusive approach to sustainability. This approach looks to the environment, economy and social relationships in order to ensure economic sustainability.


Environment in sustainable community, therefore, looks at maintaining the resources we currently have to be able to support the future generations. This idea of sustainability focuses on certain components. It looks at governance; this means that well-run communities with inclusive and effective participation, leadership and representation provide an acceptable environment for sustainable community. Transport and connectivity is also an important aspect of an environment in sustainable community. Well-connected communities with available transport services and communication linking people to jobs and other services are necessary. Public, private, voluntary and community services should be accessible to all (Schlosberg, 2007). There should be a provision of places to live in an environmentally-friendly way. There should be a thriving and vibrant local economy. We should take upon ourselves the task of learning and educating the community about the environment and its effects on the quality of life. We need to look to the quality of houses, the design of the environment and public buildings we live in. We must also emphasize on the services we need and the groups we engage in our neighborhood.


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