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Ethical Dilemma

I once found myself in a very awkward position when I was approached by a close friend to help him with one his term papers so as to beat the fast drawing deadline. I was not sure whether to be a partisan to the unauthorized practice of cheating or not. Although I was driven the impulses to help him finish the papers in time and beat the deadline so as to elude the forthcoming penalty of a zero score, my conscience was not clear engaging in a malpractice which is banned by the school Administration though it was highly tempting.

In the song “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” Mike Rios analyzed the use of ethos by putting into sharp focus the Irish Republican Army and their violent actions that result into deaths of the innocent residents. The army focuses on its operations but not the welfare of the civilian Irish. Apparently, the Army mistreats those they are supposed to protect and further sees no foul in their actions that claims several innocent lives. Mike Rio shows that protection and sanctity for human life should guide the entire operation of the army at all times.

In the Parable of the Sadhu, Bowen McCoy is (An American businessman) who is set to traverse the 18,000-foot Himalayas mountain. On their way to the peak, they encountered a half-naked holy man-Sadhu- suffering from chronic hypothermia. McCoy offered him a minimal support, passed him on to other Sherpa, and continued with the climbing. At the end of it all, Sadhu was neglected but provided with food and supplies. Upon getting to the peak, McCoy is worried whether Sadhu was dead or alive just like other members of the team. The ethic is here that in a corporate situation, individual deserves the support of the group.


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