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Official story is an Argentine film which took on the national tragedy of “the disappeared” and got an Academy Award in 1984. The title of the film is captivating and draws the attention the audience closer to understanding the film. It revolves around a middle class family in Buenos Aires, one of the Argentine cities, and the adopted child living in it. The film was set during the dying days of the military dictatorship. It casts a high school teacher, her husband who is a renowned businessman with high rank contacts in the military junta and their adopted child.

The foster mother of the adopted child comes to realize that the real parents of the child may be political victims. They may have been imprisoned by the state in an unknown location during the period of the state led war in Argentina which was referred to as the dirty war. The movie captures a family friend called Ana, who had been a refugee in Europe. The friend then explains that she flew away from the country after she had been subjected through tough ordeal of torture, so that for salvation, she had to go on a flight. Exactly after this Alicia, the main character starts a serious thought of the political situation around her. Alicia was not very much aware of the killings and torture made to people, until students in her class asked her why the government was approving assassin books.

Later on, Alicia learnt about the identity of their adopted child as she came to know her grandmother. At this very point that she learnt that her husband had been participating in the activities of the oppressive regime. The film later suggested that Sarah may not be the real grandmother of he adopted child. This means that the true identity of the child may never be known. This is only meant to raise hopes and reaction in a state of war. The film ends with a confrontation between Sarah and her husband. The husband wants her to forget about the past and focus into the future.

On the other hand, the movie, innocent voices is also cast in a political environment in the 1980’s. The title of the film has a lot of suspense, and it makes the viewer of the film want to view it to identify what are the innocent voices. The film highlights the brutal civil war that rocked a place called El Salvador. The war was fought between the communists and the authoritarian regime. In this war, the victims ended up being the civilians. The story is built along a young boy who is called Chava, who wants to survive the ravages of war. Chava, one of the main characters lives in an impoverished neighborhood with his mother and sisters. Their father left at the onset of war and headed for exile in the United States. Chava is left behind as the head of the house, he is a young boy who is 12 years old and he runs the risk of being recruited in the army. Chava has no political affiliations, but he supports his uncle who is in the guerilla war and he fears the government because it might take him as a soldier while still very young. In their village, war breaks out at night.

Romero is a movie detailing the activities of an archbishop who has gone through challenges to help the less fortunate people of El Salvador. The film starts where the church sees the outright discrimination and mistreatment of people by the government. People are being deprived of their rights as citizens. Archbishop observes that the government is ruling by force contrary to Christian teachings. It is astonishing to see that some of the most religious figures turn a blind eye against the oppression by the government. At one point, the bishop arrives at a church which had been turned into an army barracks with a view to rid it of the problem and turn it back to its rightful owners who are the people of God. An archbishop’s friend is assassinated and, this has an effect on him as it gives him strength to fight for the people. In the movie, the government is using the military to kill and maim its citizens.

Salvador is a film that is about a journalist who was covering the Salvadorian war. He finds himself in between the guerrilla fighters and the military, on the other hand. The film is all about the political landscape in El Salvador and the involvement of the US troops in the civil war. The journalist believes in the right for all people as he is seen in one scene talking to an American soldier. The film touches on the atrocities made to people by the government. The journalist explores the inhumane conditions in El Salvador because he believes in the right of all people. Although, at times, he is seen as being arrogant he is not as arrogant as the government that is killing its people through the military.

The movie missing is about an American journalist who disappeared in the US backed coup in Chile that ousted president Allende. The movie was set after the journalist disappearance, and it depicts his wife and his father trying to search him all in vain. They later figure out that the government does not tell the truth and is determined to conceal the truth at whatever cost.

In comparison, there are numerous similarities and differences between the films. First, the films were casted almost at the same time in the 1980’s. All the films bring out the theme of human rights. The government is undermining the human rights of its citizens by torturing them and exposing them to inhuman conditions during political unrest. The movies also show how the rich in the society can use their position to influence decisions. This is seen by the husband who uses his wealth to further the oppressive regime’s activities. In the film, innocent voices, it is used much more as a political vehicle to further agitate for human rights of all the citizens. This is seen especially by arguing against forced child soldiers like Chava. The movie traces the actions of Chava and his relationship with his family and friends. It shows how they undergo inhuman conditions of which they are not responsible for, and they do not know why they are happening.

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In all these movies, there is the theme of political assassination. People were assassinated as they agitated for their rights and equal treatment by the government. In the film Romero, the archbishops friend was assassinated, a fact that led to the archbishop taking action and he changed his view of the government.


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