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People’s Culture

Laubeova looks at the entire aspect of America being a melting pot for people’s culture and language. The article discusses the concept of assimilation and multiculturalism found in the American society. The melting pot theory has completely eliminated the concept of multiculturalism and presents it as a limitation for any group of people who want to travel to the United States. The article gives a chronological account of the history of the melting pot and why it was important for many immigrants seeking opportunities in the United States.

The author further looks at current developments of the melting pot that has been inspired by the use of one common language. The “English only” movement apparently is presented as the only way through which immigrants will successfully make use of the opportunities found in American soil. In this article, there is restricted emphasis on individual heritage and argument against the existence of many cultures in the American society. Other related policies like bilingual education seem to receive less support as English is presented as the only language that would maximally work for any person living in the United States.The article explores on the subject of integration into the American society that will be important in conducting this research.


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