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The short story, Prejudice can be classified as a story whose setting is detailed. The writer shapes the future of the character by the use of the deep knowledge of his father of the different people of Indonesia. The aspects of important contribution in the setting of the story are the behavior, determination, culture and the diligence of the character. Coningham uses the diverse characters of various people in the attraction of the reader in the description of the setting of the story.

The basic setting of the story is the hometown of the character which is later moved to Medura, then later to Sumatra, Java “Bali, Papua, Timora and finally to the United States.

Occupational aspects are of important contribution in this story for the reader to come up with an idea of the detail of the story. In subsequent paragraphs of the story, the reader is encouraged to have a clear picture of a setting of different nature of occupations that the character has encountered. The contribution of the knowledge of the father of the character has been highlighted in the different occupation settings that save the character from the possibility of exploitation by the employers.

Determination aspects also play an important aspect in the setting of the story. With the change of occupation after the advice of the father, the character continuous to look for a new employment that proves to be distinct in relation to the former occupation. None of the employer that the character encounters is indicated to have negative relationship with the character. Coningham depicts the Madurese family, the Batak brothers, the Javanese, Balinese, Papuans, and the Timorese for the sake of the imagination of the setting

The diligence of the character is another aspect with significant effects to the perception of the reader as a result of the diversity of the jobs that are taken by the character. This is an important aspect in the process of the invitation of the reader to perceive the working conditions requiring the application of the ideas of the employee for the benefit of the employer, working in risky conditions, the requirement for honesty in the workplace and innovation as important contribution to the success of the character. For example, in paragraph 3, the character works in the parking area of a Chinese businessman owned company. In paragraph 9, the character worked in a trading business owned by a Madurese family, while in paragraph 13, the character got a chance to work with Batak brothers. In paragraph 17, the character interacts with the Javanese where he was involved in a dangerous job leading a maintenance clue in improving safety. The characters of the Balinese, Papuans, Timorese and the Americans are clearly exposed to the character through the continuous ambition of the character in a need of satisfying the needs of the family and his aging father. The final destination of the character appears to be America to further his studies.

In conclusion, there is no setting of time in the story but the indication of the era of racism may lead the reader to predict the setting to have taken place in the 1960s. The details given in the story plays important contribution in building the behavior, determination, cultural and the diligence of the character.


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