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Procedures in Australia and Germany

Australia had the first ever green movement in the world. During colonial time, the European colonial power conducted massive extraction of natural resources. These resources were to be transferred to Britain. In response to colonization, the British settlers in Australia brought major stress to the natural ecosystem. As a result of such destructions, Australia’s environment suffered a major degradation. Germany and the USA only felt the effect of global green movement after Australia. In connection to this, the environmental affairs of Germany contribute lesser economic growth in GDP than Australia and the USA. This is in regard to the fact that Germany’s natural resources have remained indigenous from the onset.

Procedures are yet another point of comparing the environmental politics and policies of the United States of America, Australia and Germany. Procedures in this case imply regulatory processes of environmental policies and politics. All the procedures followed by a country massively affect its economic measures. In this point of view, Australia and Germany environmental policies advocate for a democratic procedures. In this regard, everybody has got an interest in all the environmental decisions. Environmental procedures in Germany freely provide for everybody affected to participate in decision making. This process is conducted as per the requirements of the environmental decisions. In the United States of America, old traditional criteria of limiting participation rights still apply.

Cost is yet another line of comparing environmental policies and politics. This factor analyses the cost of protecting the environment. The environmental cost of protection has a lot of impact on the economy. The costs used in each of these three countries differ from one another based on the environmental conservation activities involved. Based on the environmental quality standards, differences occur between the three countries. These countries are specifically referred to as settler capitalists, and generally they are. In comparison to Germany, the current Australia’s environmental policy is well developed. This development is geared towards reversing the effects of colonialism on the environment. The United States of America federal government has used much of its resources to check its environmental stability.

The environmental policies and politics in Germany, Australia and the United States of America have various aspects that are points of concerns to environmentalists as well as researchers. Ranging from costs, procedures of formulating policies, and the speed of response to environmental problems, these three governments provide the basis for analyzing the global environmental policies. It is undoubted that the environment is facing an enormous owing to the increased global industrialization.


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