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‘Raise the Titanic’ is a classic adventure film by directed by Jerry Jameson and written by Eric Hughes which replicates the sinking of the once great Titanic ship. The tagline adopted by the film was "Once they said God himself couldn't sink her. Then they said no man on earth could reach her. Now—you will be there when we... RAISE THE TITANIC"("Raise the Titanic - Box Office Data). Despite the heavy budget line, the film did not do well in the film industry substantially failing to reach its projected revenue. Despite the numerous flops attributed with the film, the film is recognized as being the mentor of subsequent titanic film while at the same time inspiring major films exhibiting similar plot.

‘Raise the Titanic’ was produced a few years earlier before the real Titanic was discovered in the Northern Atlantic. The plot is based on a rare ore that was being transported by the ship and which was both at the center on interest between the Russian and the American army and the eventual owner of the ore would have the upper hand in nuclear defense systems. The only way to get to the ore was to bring the ship to the surface. The Americans were the first to get to the ship and ended up bringing the ship to the surface after a tedious process of repairing the holes on the hull and forcing the ship back to the surface. However, the ship is hulled to New York by the Americans only for them to discover that there was no ore on the ship. What followed was a long military standoff that was just about to escalate to a full war.

‘Titanic’ on the other hand is an epic romance and disaster film that was written and directed by James Cameron who is considered to be one of the most successful producers of all times. Cameron admits that the inspiration behind the production of this film is as a result of his love for shipwrecks. Cameron tried to incorporate a romantic theme in the film in realization that a love story interspersed with the human loss would be essential in conveying an emotional message with regards to the Titanic disaster. During its production, Titanic is considered to be one of the most expensive films of its time. This film proved to be of significant success going by the fact that it equaled a record fourteen academy awards as well as more than eleven nominations to the Oscars.

James Cameron admits that his love for shipwrecks is what motivated him to write and direct the Titanic. In a general context, Cameron said that he wanted to honor the people who perished in the Titanic disaster which is why he spent more than six months researching on the people who actually died in the disaster. According to Cameron, The sinking of the Titanic was almost an actual great novel happening and he went ahead and took the liberty to give audiences the experience of living the history. Cameron admits that the Titanic is not actually a disaster movie but rather it is a love story with a fastidious overlay of real history. The end of the film raises even more questions as to whether the elderly rose was in a conscious dream or had died in her sleep.

The film ‘Raise the Titanic’ was produced at a time that most countries were in war. This is derived form the basic plot of the film depicting ore as the centre of conflict between the Russian and the American military in an attempt for the two countries to gain competitive advantage in nuclear systems. The society at the time can be described as a laid back society that treasured cultural diversity and practices. This can practically be seen in the film setting derived form the music in the background during the film. The absence of a romantic theme in this film clearly depicts that the social aspect was not so much applicable during the time and that war was somehow the centre of interest in the society. However, Cameron criticized this film as well as other Titanic films stating that the aspect of showing the ship plunging into the sea was devoid of creativity and imagination. This indicates that film technology was not so much advanced at the time of the production of the film ‘Raise the Titanic’.

The ‘Titanic’ movie displays a culture that is diverse in terms of interaction and social ties. This can be seen through the various characters in the movie and the relationships that emerge in the course of the voyage. The society at this time is displayed as a vibrant society reeling form the effects of the war and characterized by people trying to build their lives on the aftermath. This film can be said to achieve the objective of giving the audience the experience of living through history in the sense that previous Titanic films had failed in achieving the stated objective. The film industry seems to have grown significantly during the production of the Titanic going by the fact that the film has a very clear picture and well structured plot that is all encompassing. The director also seems to have put a lot in the production of the movie which explains the success of the film as compared to Raising the Titanic. With both of these great films involving shipwrecks, the Titanic movie and its success shows just how much the film industry was becoming more and more appreciated in the society. This might be the reason why Raising the Titanic was not so successful itself.


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