Free «The Destruction of Habitat» UK Essay Sample

The Destruction of Habitat

The destruction of habitat remains one of the key challenges facing the mankind today. For a long time, the destruction of natural resources has been going on but the impacts are becoming crystal clear. The biodiversity of the organisms both small and large has dwindled as extinction becomes the most pressing challenges. The destruction of habitat, arguably, is the single most cause of all the related threats to biodiversity.

Human activities have increased and continue to increase in the world. Firstly, the overexploitation of natural resources leads to the loss of habitat. As people look for food, they destroy the environment in different ways. The clearing of forests in developing countries like Kenya, for the creation of land for cultivation, destroys the home of many organisms and results in the reduction of precipitation received. The increasing urbanization also requires land space that can only be found by sacrificing a home of a species of organism. This destroys the balanced ecological interaction between organisms of different tropic level. The pollution from industrialization, which comes with development, also leads to the choking of ecosystem with poisonous chemicals passed from one tropic level to the next. On the other hand, the formation of acid rains results from acid-forming chemicals such as sulphur. Through precipitation, the acid falls back to the ecological area and starts showing effects such as death of small organisms. In general, all the human activities that destroy environment have long term effects in destroying the habitat.

Education can be the only way to salvaging the environment. Through education, there is sensitization on the importance of conserving the environment, and the repercussions of destroying the environment. People in every corner of the earth should be made aware that their actions should be aimed at conservatively extracting the resources and not selfishly killing other organisms; and in the process risking extinction too as humankind. Enlightenment will enable making of sterling ecological choices and decisions on several matters. If, for example, the population of a country would be championing for the signing of Kyoto protocol, then it shows the required concern; which can only come through education. Knowing the effects of such actions as poaching may make a person change his or her mind and invest in other businesses. A naïve boy in a place like Zambia, Africa, may kill the only surviving baboon out of ignorance. Education also opens minds to new ideas and innovation which will help in conserving the environment. Therefore, education is imperatively crucial for the conservation of the environment.

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