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The Environment in Sustainable Community

Not everyone believes in making our environment clean, because they do not care, and some of them destroy it on purpose. It is the work of humans to protect the environment from all impurities. To make our community organized, we have to put roles and employ people that we trust to make changes. These should be good and better changes for the next generation. Sustainable communities cannot succeed without commitment by their members to organize, who to take responsibility for business and inspire other members to clean and increase local sources such as water, and to improve their health system.

A sustainable community is a group of people who support their community with necessities such as materials and financial aid. This helps them develop and build their resources to raise their economy and the environment, and also to sustain human life. Of course, there are a lot of things that also will happen in the sustainable communities such as building, modifying, developing, helping people and the environment (Roseland, 2005). When we talk of a sustainable community, we may bring in aspects such as water, transportation, energy, waste materials and everything within the community relating to reproduction. To do all of this, the community should have a great staff or members that know exactly what to do to improve the community and make it better.

The word ‘sustainable’ or ‘sustainability’ has a lot of meanings, but sustainable communities should maintain a reliable economic base, practice sound financial management, provide a stable environment for their residents, and act as stewards of their land and other environment resources. Local government must provide reliable public services, create an environment conducive for business and take steps to become competitive in the global marketplace. To make the financial aspect possible, it must set up and maintain recognized in professional way, put a clear budget and practice financial management. Sustainable communities manage their own financial, human and natural resources in order to meet their current needs. It seeks a better life for the entire community without putting at risk the wellbeing of other communities. It maintains healthy ecosystems (Barton, 2000). It ensures effective governance that ensures broad based citizen participation. It also ensures economic security of majority of the individuals within a society.

It must guarantee public safety, offer an environment that encourages job creation, involve the community in local decision making and provide comforts that increase the quality of life. To achieve the environment objectives, the local government must guarantee its water supply and reduction of a natural disaster by using environmental methods for making energy waste reduction and disposal. Both the public and policy makers must become increasingly concerned over the negative consequences of human activities.

The idea of a sustainable development is a popular solution to the thorny problem of meeting material needs of the present upcoming population and, at the same time, keeping the integrity of the environment. The government must come up with ways of ensuring economic growth alongside environmental protection (Sim, 1996). It must be development that makes sure that present needs are met without tampering with the future generation’s ability to meet their own needs. The government must, therefore, ensure environmental sustainability alongside community sustainability.

They must ensure sustainable development which is the pursuit of growth subject to the environmental constraints. It must ensure maximization of utility by bringing in ecological thoughts. Growth is the primary objective of a sustainable community although pursued in a slower and more ecologically sensitive manner in an acceptable environment. The government must also put emphasis on the maintenance of the current and future resources instead of on the continued growth. They should put in education on importance of focusing on minimizing the citizens’ impact on the surrounding environment and use of naturally available resources while, at the same time, meeting the needs of people. In other words, economic development is not achievable by establishing a level of growth that can be sustained and looking into economic development objectives of the past. Instead, protection of resources that occur naturally is an important goal and is given equal importance with the economic considerations (Agyeman, 2005).

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A social organization must get constructed where the outcomes of environmental degradation are felt, and successful intervention is noticeable. Environmental problems of the communities differ in terms of the level of economic and social development, natural and human resource endowments, physical and geographic conditions. Governments should, therefore, introduce a community level approach that advocates for establishment of policies, which take into consideration opportunities and hardships experienced in a particular place.

Sustainable community deals with local economic change which ultimately contributes to global environmental sustainability while also encouraging the local natural and constructed urban environment. The government should increase regional and community self-reliance to reduce dependency on goods from the outside which, in turn, increases energy budgets and further environmental degradation (Sim, 1996). The environment in a sustainable community is the one where the use of resources and energy within an urban area balance out with what the region can continuously provide through its natural resources and processes such as biological decomposition, photosynthesis and biochemical processes that support life. This means that it creates a favorable environment where citizens become less dependent on fossil fuels and rely more on careful integration with biological processes. The government must strike a balance between environmental concerns and development objectives (Agyeman, 2005). This is because sustainable communities not only protect and enhance the environment but also promote more humane local societies. Land use regulations can also get included to reduce the spread of housing in the urban areas by promoting high density construction of houses in already built up areas while reducing growth on undeveloped land.


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