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The Role of Package Testing in the Design and Planning Process

When one goes to the market to buy a desired product, they ask a shop assistant about its quality, functionality, the warranty and even about the color of the product, but normally do not think about the package. It is the first thing which is thrown or put in the shed. The only way for a customer to understand the role of the package is its testing, for in case of the product’s damage the customer will feel despair and disappointment. But the customer’s ruined expectations is not the only reason why producers should realize the role of the package reliability in the design process. Each case of delivery damage of the products will increase their costs.

The right chosen package protects its contents without adding weight or bulk to the product itself. It helps to protect the environment, saves money, promotes customers’ satisfaction and ensures the proper image of the product.

UPS Package Design & Test Lab exists to make sure that packages arrive safely at their destinations. In the lab different kinds of packages with various products are crushed, vibrated and roughed in order to test how a package protects whatever is inside. Christmas trees, candies, food, radiators, big screen monitors, video games, anything that can be ever imagined comes through the lab. UPS stated the following:

Compression tests evaluate the package’s ability to resist forces commonly encountered during transportation and warehousing. Drop tests ensure that a product is adequately protected from any falls, slides, drops or jolts encountered during warehousing or distribution. Vibration tests replicate the specific frequencies packages encounter during air, truck, or railcar travel and measure their effects on the product. Shock tests measure the fragility of the product and evaluate protective packaging - an ideal preventative test for new products (UPS, 2012)

The lab uses the vibrating table, which simulates the driving in the trailer with other boxes on the top. The temperature-humidity chamber generates temperatures from -20%u02DA to 185%u02DAF and humidity from 20% to 95%. If some of the tests are failed, the lab gives recommendations of improvement.

The packing engineering professionally deals with the design and packing mechanism. Its aim is to ensure the appropriate level of the products protection, giving producers a guarantee that their customers are delivered their goods exactly as they were packed. And this proves once again that big deals can not be done without taking into account small details.

Packing and transporting of the product to its destination safely is often a challenge. That is why appropriate package should be well-considered beforehand and not in the process of putting it on the market. This will save producer’s money and name.


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