Free «The United States and European Societies» UK Essay Sample

The United States and European Societies

The American rights dialect characteristically asserts on absolute and extravagant formulations of rights. These are indicated by the assertions of the superiority of the Bill Of Rights in which the American legal system, politics and social interactions, emphasize a unanimous endorsement of the singular significance of the first amendment in the American constitution (Glendon 4). The American constitution characteristically aims at protecting and upholding the rights of the American, citizenry; hence the emphasis on rights is observed as an inherent and integral aspect of the American thinking, behavior and speech. The American rights dialect critically aligns towards individual self sufficiency and independency; therefore, rights are described as providing individuals the independency to act, speak, behave and associate as they want (Glendon 14). However, given the nature of the American legal system, these aspects of rights are limited to the extent of intervention by the law. The application of the law is essential in defining the acceptable limits of exercising individual independency. Self sufficiency as characterized by the American rights reiterates superiority towards freedom of individuals to engage in activities aiming at sustaining themselves without the interference of any second or third parties; however, the law defines the boundaries of acceptable practices in any effort at self sustainability (Glendon 9). The American rights dialect emphasis on the individual as the benchmark for the application of rights fails to include the broad spectrum of the American social and political groups. Hence the assertions that rights of a collective group do not supersede those of the individual; despite the impact of the collective rights to the individual’s rights. While the American rights dialect indicates the unapologetic insulation of the individual rights, it fails to consider the rationality of their application in developing a mature, realistic social-political environment; where rights are enforced in rational and moral standards. For instance, contrary to the American prioritization of individual rights, the Czech Republic demonstrates caution in defining the extent in which rights are applied and perceived; this aims at mitigating the potential negative effects associated with provision of absolute individual rights (Glendon 11). In these cases, political duty is critical; while civic responsibilities and welfare are significantly empathized in contrast to individual rights. Therefore, it is evident that rights, politics and civic duties should be emphasized on equally structured criteria in any optimal social-political society.


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