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Themes from the Dystopian Thoughts

Even though the dystopian movie V for Vendetta acknowledges various problems facing the working class, such as oppression by the government elites and lack of freedom, in dystopian societies, it fails to recognize the perceived permanence of these problems as do the two dystopian novels and a song, namely Fahrenheit 451 and Nineteen Eighty-Four and the “20th Century Man”. The sweeping wave of revolution and the political power vested in the working class are depicted to have gained the much needed prevalence in the future dystopian societies (represented in the film), as compared to the classical societies in the novels mentioned above. The film stars, Evey and Hugo Weaving, are highly committed charismatic freedom fighters of the 21st century who make relentless struggles against authorities to see to it that everyone is liberated in the society. They both are determined to separately fight against all political and social vices perpetrated by their masters and rulers.

The movie further elaborates the future dystopian society, featured in V for Vendetta, which is teetering on the brinks of collapse, contrary to those depicted in the dystopian novels and other literary works. The young revolutionaries are working round the clock to topple dictatorial leadership and further bring to an end all forms of social and political oppressions. The new working class generation is far more enlightened and has next to unlimited access to information in comparison to their illiterate counterparts of the 20th century, whose private premises are ransacked in the relentless search for the outlawed books, conducted by the fireman. In spite of the ongoing censorship, performed by the current government in a attempt to secure the society against eruption of a civil rebellion and political unrests, which would otherwise work against the precincts of individual autonomy in the modern times, V for Vendetta makes it obvious that the undying quest for information and liberty by the new generation is unstoppable, however weighty the oppression of governments and ruling elites may seem.

Contrary to the widely embraced tyranny and dictatorial regimes of the Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, which are characterized by the iron fist with which the Big Brother of the Party and the police used to rule on Oceania, there is no place of dictatorship and repressive social control systems in “V for Vendetta”. Annihilation of freedom of expression and fear of the Party officials is long gone. Freedom fighters in the revolutionary film V for Vendetta have resolved to eliminate tyranny and dictatorship from the surface of the Earth. Thus, their political ideologies are guided by the desire to attain eternal liberty and freedom for all.


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