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Nowadays, internet users are the main consumers of different goods, so every company that seeks for further expansion needs to know how to encourage them to buy particular product. The Thermos company, a famous producer of hot and cold containers, seeks to find new approach for spreading their goods. The best way to implement it is to use modern customer relations management means – particularly the Internet.

The Thermos company is well-known for its quality. On its web-site the firm states that they choose the best materials and test the quality during the whole production process (Thermos, 2014). Thermos company uses customer-oriented strategy that resulted in obvious success, and their web-site can also be highly regarded for friendly interface, pleasant design, animations on the main page that attract customers, but it lacks of interactions between clients and company. Potential customer can buy, look through the catalogue, learn more about company’s priorities, but can not leave a comment, or ask question, as there is no email address or F.A.Q. to apply to the company.

What is more, to get closer to customer the stuff needs to know his/her demands. Internet provides variety of methods to get this information, for example to create animated quiz, make a contest for users with pleasant gifts after winning. It is important to spread the information about contest, make it visible, may be use services of Google targeted advertising. Gifts and bonuses that everyone can win at home with the help of the Internet will show friendly customer treatment and attract new audience.

Also, company can fix already existing products by asking customers to help them to improve it, for example in online contest for the best grill design provided by customer. The winner would enjoy first produced grill. It is a part of special customer treatment, thus, it should be widely used in online marketing. Such strategy involves communication with clients, constructive criticism and motivation to participate in the competition. According to customer satisfaction survey, the examples of Special treatment benefits to the customer are bonuses, faster service, individualized additional services, help desks department (Taleghani et al, 2011). Such steps may build better relationships with clients and help to improve Thermos web-page.

It is convenient to buy everything else needed right in one store by reasonable price. Thermos company is good in producing grills, and enhancement of their production. Nevertheless the firm can also offer some other goods, such as everything for the grill. For example marinade and sauces, extraordinary combinations of seasonings. To implement this idea Thermos does not need to recreate the manufacturing, but simply collaborate with company that specializes on it. Such cooperation can bring success, especially if the line of production is be marked as exclusive. Thermos itself can develop special containers for meat, different utensils, variety of roasting racks, thermo proof spatulas etc. in the company can take into account such an idea as it is convenient to buy all goods at one place.

If customer oriented team had asked clients about the construction of the grill, not everybody can answer this question. Thus, in terms of safety it is better to sold it assembled, as not everyone can put complicated grill construction together. But it is better if both option exists, as non-assemble one is more comfortable in keeping, mobile and does not need a lot of space. The team would have found absolutely different answers, and the consensus here is to give people a choice while selling the item. The main question that should be placed on Thermos website is “Are You satisfied with our goods?” If the answer is no, there should be a line, where customer can explain his disappointment and give his vision of a particular good improvement.

Thus, Thermos company can improve customer relations by providing interaction with clients through upgrading their web-page interface, questions-answers departments, questionnaires and quizzes to find out customer’s valuable opinion.

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