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Web Analysis

Web Analysis

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Design, demonstration and assistance are equally important for an excellent website. Whenever, an idea of shop, store or public demonstration has had transformed to the dot net model. It has had raise several questions of website design, demonstration and assistance. Nevertheless, today, the online panorama has very competitive persona regarding website design, demonstration, and assistance. This paper will also examine two websites neimanmarcus.com and nordstrom.com regarding design, demonstration and assistance point of view.

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About nordstrom com:

Analysis of nordstrom.com concludes that the website has great variety of items. At the same time, the website has classic design with an eye softening appearance. On the one hand, th website has appropriately demonstrated its products and managed it very well.

On the other hand, the customer assistance section is designed to serve the customer with ultimate solutions like order tracking, return and exchange, product recall, live help, and nordstrom stylists. Therefore, nordstrom.com covers all the criteria of design, demonstration, and assistance. Hence, this is the best website in respect best persona of online panorama.

About neimanmarcus.com:

Analysis of neimanmarcus.com concludes that the website has great variety of items. But, it does not have good design, soft appearance as well as an appropriate showcase or demonstration of products is not managed well. Moreover, its appearance demands you to be eextra conscious to search the customer assistance section.

And, finally it actually does not facilitates a real-time online assistance and doest not support to a client with many other customer assistance constituents. All these constituents of neimanmarcus.com website design, demonstration, and assistance sets low persona in a very competitive online panorama.   

At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis design, demonstration and assistance are equally important for an excellent website. The analysis of both sites grants us the idea of best and the second best website. Therefore, in the conclusions we can find that nordstrom.com is the best website in its entirety, and neimanmarcus.com is the second best.

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