Free «Youth Violence» UK Essay Sample

Youth Violence

This is a topic sentence outline done from researching sources on the topic youth violence. The topic sentence outline reviews credible sources which help to support the thesis statement on the previous essay on youth violence. The thesis statement is, youth violence can be reduced in magnitude.

Reasons why it is possible for youth violence to be controlled

Reason one: Research Evidence

Research carried on the field of violence with reference show some positive results which point out to possibilities of control of youth violence being a possibility. According to Flannery (1999), the use of multi component programs are likely to bear more fruits as compared to single component strategies or programmes (Flannery, 1999). A research reported by   Wilson, Lipsey, and Derzon (2003) indicates in a very clear the possibility of controlling youth violence, “A meta-analysis of 221 studies involving nearly 56,000 students found unequivocal evidence that school-based interventions can reduce aggressive behavior at school” (Wilson, Lipsey, and Derzon, 140).

Reason two: possibility of removal of hindrances

Though the efforts to control youth violence face obstacles, it has been shown that all these can be overcame. According to CDC (2010), “Unsystematic approaches can result in prevention gaps, disjointed planning; insufficient representation of organizations with important youth violence prevention roles, and limited capacity to implement the full range of necessary youth violence prevention approaches” (CDC 1). CDC (2010) argues that it is possible for the prevention gaps to be closed down through training parents, teachers and those who interact with the youths.

Reason three: training

It has been shown that early training of children in life does a lot of good to their later life. According to Thornton and Dahlberg (2006), “the values, attitudes, and interpersonal skills acquired early in life play a key role in the development of violent behaviours” (p. 8). This is an indication that if the correct values can be instilled in the lives of children they will grow up to be responsible youth who will likely shun engaging in violent activities (Crawford 64).


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