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American Dream

American Dream defines a concept renowned among American middle class. It is a basic building block of the American dream (Rivlin, 2009). This goal is part of American right to economic freedom to gather valuable stuff. A designer career can provide an opportunity to start a promotional product business including the art of creating artwork, as well as, salesmanship. I will be able to achieve a real American dream that defines success that is entirely viable and followed by economic terms. Without the ability to achieve this, then there is nothing like American Dream. After retiring at the age of 62, there is a need to have a vision of a relaxed life after retirement. Doing work for more than forty hours per week requires an employee enjoy doing things that one always wanted to accomplish in life. As a retiree, I will consider zenployment that includes working as a designer that forms part of fun retirement job.

Retirement provides an opportunity for an employee who wants to continue working for fun in jobs they enjoy doing. In states such as California, a designer can make more income; hence this decision will make me fall in the middle class and search of the American dream. According to several people in California, a real success and satisfaction is when a retiree and the retirement package becomes a real concept of a generation (Newman, 2009). A true American dream requires that previous generations should live happy lives, have real wages, a dream of an intact family, and a decent, constant or regular job, a good home, as well as, a respectable and caring community (Geisst, 2006).

In conclusion, I will be able to claim the social security benefits and begin an enjoyable retirement. I will have a comfortable life working as a designer because it is one of the dream retirement job in future, and can lead to other opportunities, such as, a position to offer training in local institutions, in California.


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