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An Argumentative Radio Script

The following is an argumentative radio script that highlights on the effects of child labour on children and its effects on the child’s life and the society in general. This argumentative script is a dialogue between different students that have met in a break and they discuss about a recent cases that indicate that the levels of child labour is in the rise in most of the developing countries.

The script

It has come to my realization that there are many a factors that affects the normal growth of a child not only in the third world countries but also in the entire world regardless of the financial, social and political background of a child.

These challenges that affect the normal growth of a child will expose the child to develop certain characteristics that will make the child have difficulties in socializing with his / her peers. It will also make the child develop strong resistance as a result of the problem that he /she is facing. Some of the well known cases of these emotional and physical disturbances on the child includes, child molestation (Physically or sexually), child labour, poor health, poor feeding (Malnutrition), lack of education, and hostile environments. This will expose the child into a lot of traits that will make the child loose the interest of living or enjoying playing with the other children. In most cases this will make the child to be considered as antisocial or even very aggressive as they will be very hostile and very emotional.

What is child labour?

It is with no doubt that child labour is the illegal employing of children into working in a regular job place in order for the employer to offer his these children with lower wages an act that is considered to be illegal and exploitative to the children. According to organization that is concerned with the welfare of children commonly known as United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) it has declared this practice as illegal; as it tends to deny the child his/her legitimate right of normal growth. This is when the practice will force the child to cross some stages of development abruptly; this is as a result of not being given the time and opportunity of developing and growing into an adult. This forced employment will make the child be denied some of the basic rights; this is because the child is exposed in heavy duties that the body isn’t used to or not ready to perform at the moment. This results to the child having a retarded growth or even being denied the opportunity to have access to education or proper childhood amongst other aspects. The lack of skills will also have its diverse consequences since the child will be paid a lower wage in view of the fact that they are unskilled labour.

Child labour can be dated from way back during the industrial revolution, this is when a lot of industries were established and the numbers of cheap products were needed in circulation in the markets. This forced the companies to increase the levels of cheap laborers and it is from this point where there was the introduction of children in the factories in order to ensure that the industrial companies would reduce the production costs through cheap labour and be able to make a lot of profit.

This was later stopped as the authorities saw that this was the violation of a child’s rights, and it is seen as a capital offence in developed countries. This has also been a major issue in these countries and is a highly punishable offence; however, some of the industries in developing world countries still practice child labour.

Arguments on the legality of child labour

There are mixed reactions that evolve around the legality of child labour, with a section of the population saying that the practice is legal while another that composed or human right activists advocated for the stop of the practice. This is in order to ensure that the children welfare is well taken care off so as to reduce the cases of child molestation by scrupulous businessmen.

The section that is advocating for the use of child labour base their argument in that the children employed in the factories are less aware of their right and this makes them be paid low wages thus the manufactures are able maximizing their profits while reducing their expenditure.

The other group that is advocating of the children rights and a stop of child labour is the human right bodies that argue that the employment of children in the industries has negative impact on the child. This is because it denies the child the opportunity of having access to education; this will affect the child’s future since the child will lack better empowerment as a result of lack of education. It also results to insecurity and immorality in the world as a result of the children involving in activities that are immoral in the society. This is when the boys turn to be thugs while the girls turn to be prostitutes as a result of the lack of education that they were denied in the past. In deed education acts a key to a successful future and children should not be denied through forced labour.

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In conclusion it is noted that there are adverse effects of child labour in the society that were live in today, but with the existing interests and ideological differences between the major stakeholders in the society then eliminating it will take more time. This kind of vice is being experienced among a cross section of the society that consist of the manufacturers and other shareholders in the industries who are in support of the practice. The other section of the society is comprised of humanitarian societies and human right groups opposing the action. These existing differences are seen as the factors that that makes it difficult to stop this practice to be stopped completely in the developing worlds, hence, it is possible to stop this kind of vice if all the concerned parties join hand in stopping the practice of this action.


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