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Do We Still Need Newspaper

It has been almost four hundred years since the first invention of newspaper; undoubtedly, this great invention has done tremendous influence on human society that it has become a tradition for daily people to purchase newspaper, not to mention its convenience and wide spread usage. However, as the internet techniques grow, news websites are prospering as a strong competitor to newspaper, beating it from all aspects and advantages that newspaper possesses. As a result, even though newspapers are useful and traditional%uFF0Cinternet news sites are more convenient and absolutely better for environmental protection.


            Since the invention of newspaper in 17th century, it has prevailed in people’s daily life because people, underwent the slow-transporting information era coupled with the desire to have a fast and first-handed information. Newspapers, though a tyro in the market, made a success because it handled the key to it—speed. Back in ages, a newspaper was relatively an efficient means of delivering information because people were able to purchase them just from a shopping stand minutes away walking from home as opposed to getting messages from a message boy. In addition, the newspaper is more systematic and conclusive to some important information to some people with professional interests. As to news sites, there are tens of thousands of news sites around the world, not counting the newly established ones every day. This large cardinal number determined that large amount of news spread to these areas. Not to exaggerate its fundamental role, for each kind of newspaper, there is at least one corresponding website to it; but it is not so much true to the opposite. Furthermore, there is not a controversy as to whether news sites are faster at delivering information than newspapers simply because people do not travel for ten minutes exposing in harsh sunlight to buy a piece of newspaper when they can sit at the comfort of their cozy room surfing online for exclusive news. For example, there was a blast piece of news about NBA stalling due to disagreements on players’ salary between the union and league. In no more than ten minutes, this news was floating everywhere online on Facebook, Twitter, and other news sites. However, it took almost a whole day for the fastest newspaper company to edit and print out this gigantic piece of news while the majority of basketball fans had learnt of this pitiful fact through online social network sites.

            Another obvious pro of news sites is its eco-friendly way of delivering information compared to newspapers’. A study of recent statistic justifies this argument. For instance, according to the statistic, 1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper uses 24 trees. 1 ton of 100% virgin (non-recycled) newsprint uses 12 trees. 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets. Imagine all these tons of newspapers, which were wasted after reading, came from our mechanism of life--- trees. Shockingly, these numbers are growing given that now, the reading population is inevitably increasing. News sites, on the other hand, are definitely far more protective to the environment since it costs virtually no paper to deliver the same information. According to Stuart, only a PC or a Mac with Wi-Fi is needed for everyone around the globe to get to know the latest news.

            One could argue that most of the old people got used to the age of reading newspaper to switch to the revolutionary electronic news sites. They have fitted in to the trend of buying a newspaper and having a cup of coffee next to a table spending a pleasure time in the afternoon. They are quiet wrong on this. To start with, the elderly have already fitted into this fast growing society, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries like China and India, by utilizing modern technology. They like surfing online, buying stocks, watching movies, and even playing poker since they cannot travel too far to spend time at entertainment spots. This is the same for information perception. News sites are becoming their favorite too! Secondly, it does not sound bad having a cup of coffee next to a computer table!

            Undeniably, the newspaper is utterly useful to us a social beings as all of them contain large information for only 1or 2 dollars a piece Conversly, many of the information inside is not required, sometimes even trashy. Many newspapers contain pages full of advertisements, information of marriage- seeking, lost and found, property to let, among other unnecessary information. According to Berners, these are the things some people find unpleasant and not worthy of a dollar from their pocket. However, the good news is that this issue is dealt with in a degree that all these trashy information can be omitted by the use of a browser. People can even only search things they want by simply typing in a typical word and all the news would pop up in milliseconds and this news are not just from one but thousands of perspectives for the news came from all over the globe.


            Generally, the debate on whether news sites are more efficient than newspaper remains in battle. However, a increasing amount of people are inclined towards using news sites based on its time efficiency and the fact that they can stay in home, and still get the news they want. Therefore, knowing what is going on around the globe at the touch of a button and at the same time protecting their environment means that information perception will soon be long gone. Conclusively, we no longer need newspaper.


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