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Evolution Theory Prospectus

In the past decade, the Charles Darwin theory of the evolution via natural selection has been challenged by a different theory of intelligent design.

The intelligent theory has a movement of scientist, philosophers, psychologists, and other researchers who try to search for the validity of the evolution theory. Evolutionists claim that the natural selection was based on the change of change of living thing over time. In addition, they explain that human beings too evolved from apes. This theory of evolution also asserts that living things experience slight changes within their species with time. Darwinism entails that all the living things descended from a universal ancestor. This brings in a lot of controversy among the modern day researchers and thus introduction of the intelligent movement theory that challenges the evolution theory. The theory of intelligent design claims that precise aspects of living things are best explained and understood via the application of the intelligent cause and not via the undefined process of the natural selection. These two theories on the existence of living and non living organism and the formation of the earth have continued to bring controversy among the psychological, philosophical and religious researchers with both various receiving credits and as well as critics. The correct and valid theory depends on aspects such as religion, and philosophical and scientific arguments.

The evolution theory and the intelligent design has a lot of controversy and that it should be taught at learning institutions and in public as it causes a lot of confusion among the people who do not understand the scientific community. Researchers have argued that the evolutionary theory has much strength in explaining the origin of organism die to its nature of the explanatory power through examples such as fossils. On the other hand, the intelligent design is a concept that precise aspect living systems can be best explained by designing intelligence instead of the normal process that is not directed (Louise 200).

This is a research website that ha information and materials from researcher Philip Johnson and other researcher on the debate about the evolution theory and the intelligent design, however, this site mainly focuses on the cutting edge of the movement of the intelligent design. According to the site, the vital and most evident argument of the intelligent design is the anti evolution belief entailing that the world was created in “a naturalistic phenomenon whereas some of them are not biologically possible and thus the formation of life on earth can only be explained via the use of the intelligent or the supernatural causes”.

Johnson and his group mainly focus on the natural selection aspects of the evolution theory of Charles Darwin and its critics. The materials in this material are relevant to the facts that they conclude from the fact they use the DNA concept to criticize the natural selection theory. Researcher should have a look at the material in this site so as to have a different perspective on the issue of the evolution theory and the intelligent design that has been on for decades.

In this site, the intelligent developers have analyzed the facts on the evolution theory, according to Michael and the other researcher, evolution has some credits. For instance, it is true that in accordance to the evolution theory, the unsystematic genetic mutation happen in the genetic code of an organism, the helpful mutations are conserved since they help in the survival of the organism, this process is called the natural selection and through this the mutations are passed over to the next generations that results to different creatures being formed. "There've been multiple, very well-documented papers showing how complex structures like the eye can evolve in gradual steps from a simple eye spot that is just barely a light receptor all the way to things like the human eye,"

However, the thing that is unclear on the aspect of the evolution theory is the issue of that “all life in the earth is related and has a common ancestor”. This statement is unclear to these researchers as it asks a base or an argument on fact and not religion. Below is an image of how changes can take in the same human species (Stephen 56)


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