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Final Essay: Work Experience after High School Graduation

A new round of heated discussion about the effectiveness of American academic education raises numerous additional questions without answers. One of the most essential of them relates to the benefits of immediate university admission for all high school graduates. Even thirty or forty years ago, the public opinion outlined the importance of colleges and universities for the future career. However, the realities of the 21st century demonstrate that the choice between career and education is not so simple. In this case, a break in one’s academic education has significant advantages.

Finding a job after high school graduation one effectively solves all the financial questions. Currently, the cost of higher education experiences a lot of public criticism in all states. The students’ loan programs not only place an individual in a debt hole but also worsen his/her credit history and limit future career opportunities. Many young professionals choose their job based on the salary and not on their talents or passion. As a result, the number of ineffective and unmotivated employees without any career perspectives increases. For those students who move to another city or state, there are additional expenses during the educational process that may include new textbooks, meal, and sufficient living conditions. Starting to work prior to entering the university, an individual receives an opportunity to save enough money to continue academic education in future. Moreover, such choice helps to feel more self-sufficient and become more independent from parents.

The second essential reason to postpone the university admission is that it provides sufficient time to think about objectives in life. The majority of parents, teachers and counselors speak about following your dream and force young people to choose their future specialty as soon as possible. However, a lot of students have little or no certainty about their future profession. Moreover, many students realize that their choice is wrong and does not fulfill their expectations after graduating the university. Such situation is even more confusing because it means that significant amount of time and money was wasted without any result. In this context, starting work after school one can try different options to see what profession is the most attractive and interesting for him/her. In terms of career opportunities, spending a couple of months without any investments is anyway better than wasting four years and thousands of dollars.

Finally, for those who are confident in the choice of their own profession entering the job market after high school provides a unique opportunity to receive valuable experience and practical skills. The academic education is often criticized because of its focus on theoretical concepts and patterns. In addition, the material provided by the university can be irrelevant because any industry experiences rapid changes and educational programs simply cannot adjust to them. Such situation puts students in an awkward situation. Young professionals find out that not all their skills are applicable in the chosen field, and they need to quickly obtain new knowledge and skills. At the same time, an early entrance into the job market not only gives valuable skills but also increases person’s credibility as a prospective employee. Choosing between an experienced worker and yesterday’s university graduate, every employer will pick the former.

In the debates between further education and immediate work experience, the latter provides more benefits. Starting to work after high school graduation one not only stabilizes his/her financial situation but also receives time to choose the desired profession or obtain necessary skills and experience. At the same time, the choice between education and career is not so definitive because everyone can work for a couple of years before entering university. In any case, the choice to work after high school protects the student from reckless decisions and their consequences in future.


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