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The idea of identification and description of objects, places, articles etc has been very disturbing to many individuals. Giving the right description for an object until the audience clearly understands it is not an easy task. Individuals tend to go around the point and finally miss it. This work is meant to identify the article “Fundraising: an essential competency for the sport manager in the 21st century”, give its summary with special focus on the main points as well as give my personal analysis on the entire article.

The name of the article is “Fundraising: an essential competency for the sport manager in the 21st century”. It was written by William Stier, Jr., and Robert Schneider, and published in 1999 between June and September. It is found in the thirty-fifth volume of the Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business on the second and third issues. In this journal, the article appears between page 93 and 103. The article can still be found on the following web site: <> so as to enable those people who have no access to hardcopies to get it online. The article has a total of eleven pages all of which have been organized in a systematic way so as to enable the reader to grasp all the information without straining (Stier, Jr., & Schneider, 1999, p.93).

As indicated by the title, the article talks about how football managers can become good fundraiser in the twenty-first century. The authors address several issues that pertain to why, when and how to raise funds for effective management. Among the key points that they try to bring out include the urgency for supplementary funds as a result of inflation and growing number of fans and participant as sports is gaining popularity (Stier, Jr., & Schneider, 1999, p.93). Thus they go ahead into defining fundraising as the process through which additional resources such as money, goods, value and services, are secured outside the regular operation budget (Stier, Jr., & Schneider, 1999, p. 94).

The second key point that the authors have clearly brought out are the types of fundraising. Four categories of fundraising are discussed. These include individual solicitations where an individual is approached to give any type of contribution. The second category is corporate sponsorship where an outside body commits itself for the exchange of services, linkage or products from the sport body (Stier, Jr., & Schneider, 1999, p.95). Profit centers include the involvement of any money generating activity that supports the sport body. And finally are the special events which include all projects and activities that come rarely and involve promotion and publicity on the organization’s behalf (Stier, Jr., & Schneider, 1999, p. 96).

Another key point that has been mentioned is the challenges that come along during the fundraising process. Some of these challenges include getting permission from the organization, coming up with the right project, determining which resources are available at hand, the difficulty in identifying prospective donors as well as the people to work with, be they volunteers or salaried members of staff (Stier, Jr.,& Schneider, 1999, p.100). The last point is on how to come up with an attack plan when developing a successful fundraising event. Fundraising is a step by step event and should be well planed before anything is done.

Generally on my own analysis, the article is well organized and very important points have been brought out. It is a very fundamental article in helping both upcoming and old sport managers on how to be effective in raising funds for their organizations. It has been helpful to me and I believe those people who have been aspiring to be sport managers have the right message for a bright future.

In conclusion, the name of the article under discussion is “Fundraising: an essential competency for the sport manager in the 21st century” and it was written by William and Robert in 1999. The article is about fundraising and it emphasizes on the importance of sourcing in external resources especially in the 21st century. Some of the key points discussed include the need, categories, challenges and the bit by bit organization of fundraising. The article is above standard on how it is organized and it is very educative especially to new managers of sport organizations.


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