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Human Rights of Syria Protesters

Actions of the security forces in Syria against the protesters are crimes against humanity. Systematic slaying and torture by Syrian defense forces in the town of Daraa since remonstration began there on early this year, strongly advocate that these actions qualify as crimes against humanity. As reported by human rights watchdogs in Syria; Syrian security forces have been torturing and slaying their own citizen with absolute impunity.

It is acceptable for the security forces to constrain protesters so as to protect other people; however, in case of Syria the security forces were not constraining protesters but killing and torturing. The torturing agitated the protesters and detention of fifteen children accused of calling for government downfalls through the use of graffiti. This is an act of impunity that infringes on human rights of expression. In reaction, security forces have constantly and systematically opened fire on peaceful demonstrators. It is reported that the security forces have murdered at least 418 civilians in the Daraa city alone and over 887 across Syria. It is very unfortunate that the security forces apply lethal force against bystanders and protesters, without earlier warning or any attempt to disperse the demonstrators by nonviolent means. It is an act of impunity and violation of the citizens’ right, when Syrian authorities repeatedly accused the demonstrators in Daraa for starting the violence and blaming them of attacking forces. The entire testimony gathered by Human Rights Watch shows, however, that the demonstrations were in most instances peaceful.


It is evident that the actions of the security forces in Syria were violations of human rights. The security forces are supposed to safeguard the citizen, and in case of a violent demonstration, they are supposed to constrain the situation and apply applicable forces. Unfortunately, in Syria case, this was not the case since the security forces openly opened fire on protesters killing many.


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