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Malcolm X

The desire to change one’s life is admirable and we all deserve a second chance really. Seeking pardon and a restoration of your rights is one way towards pursuing these respectable jobs. There are so many other jobs to choose from and one’s record after a felony conviction is what really counts (Reakes, 67-74). Once you show true desire in wanting to better your life you can get a chance. It is good to go for jobs that are available to begin with but do not loose sight of your goal. There are firms that have a specific policy of hiring felons and you will actually find out that disclosing you are a felon is actually an advantage. These firms especially grocery store chains like Kroger, Albertsons and others offer employment to felons and get tax credit for a felon who wants a better record and to find employment, they are a good direction to look.

A positive outlook towards whatever predicament one finds himself in is good for looking towards the future. Other people have been in the same situation and have pursued careers that people perceive as not suitable for felons. A convicted felon who was expunged while in Med school (he had been convicted of jumping bond) went on to get licensed and is a practicing doctor today. Information is power and it is always advisable to seek information because one might fail to pursue a career he desires just because he heard it was restricted to felons. Each case is unique and looking to learn makes the difference.

The main thing is to be realistic and go for it, just know what areas you are likely to get a nod in and which ones to avoid. In whichever situation one finds himself in, it is better to look on the positive side rather than on the negative because you might discover something remarkable. To get to a destination, you have to start from somewhere. One may find available employment opportunities at temporary agencies, UPS, Wal-Mart, newspaper delivery or even in product sales at flea market. One may also try to get a nail, cosmetology or barber’s license. Mystery shopping is also an option and so is truck driving and you’d be pleased to note that some trucking companies actually pay you while in training. These are good options especially while one is on parole (Brand, 34-54).

Just like Malcolm X discovered the power of language in prison, whichever situation one may find himself in, trying to discover new things is the best thing one could do for himself (Clark, 26-35). Malcolm X so rightfully said that, “Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world.” Malcolm X insisted on the importance of education even at one point going as far as to say, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” (Clark, 26-35).

Getting a conviction on felony should not spell the end to ones aspirations. You can raise yourself up and with the right kind of information still be able to successfully pursue your dreams. It should be a path to self discovery. Other people have been there before and they have made a success in their pursuits, there is no reason why you can’t be amongst them.


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