Free «The Residents of Los Angeles» UK Essay Sample

The Residents of Los Angeles

The narrator of the article says how they went to Losangeles in November 1909 to create a moving image center. (Demille 87)He explains how the city looked like and the community during that time. The city was sprawling at that time, and its population was 250, 000 residents most of them of Spanish origin. The moving pictures companies seemed to be doing well since after the narrator goes to deposit some money in the bank, the clerks eyes the him as though he had held up a train.

The narrator continues to explain that the first person to come to california to make movies were Colonel William Selig. He happened to send a number of his associates including his head Francis Boggs and a few other actors to Los angeles in the fall of 1907. They built a studio of sorts in a former Chinese laundry on Olive street. In 1910, a company called Biograph also sent a crew to Losangeles to establish a studio in Georgia and Pico streets. D.W Griffith headed this unit. The narrator and his party had an idea of returning to New York city in the spring. Because of that, they set up a semi paamanent studio in an unoccupied space that was once a grocery store. He and the company had photographed quite a number of scenes in Hollywood riding horses. The narrators say how they toured the city taking photos to appear in their movies. He also says how successful the company had grown to range of taking in more actors and actresses(Balshofer 200). The company was also able to recruit people. The writer says that Hollywood was a country town just like any other with ordinary people. He also says that there were no Indians but a lot of people who stayed in the hills and wore no shoes. They had a cheerful expression. Others he says were cow boys who kept to themselves and would show up occasionally.

To conclude, it is true to say that the writer features in this book the actors, directors, producers and the residents of Los Angeles.


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