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Art Investment

Worldwide Pharmaceuticals (WP) is a company that is going to establish a brand new building for employees of the company. All the five floors plus lobby stand are in need of a good architecture. The chief executive officer (CEO) of WP wants to invest in artworks for the company headquarters. The vice president (VP) of human resources asks for developing of some reliable information in a report. Therefore, this paper gives a brief overview of three initial artworks available on the market that may be of interest for an international company for acquisition or loan and presents an approximate budget for purchasing these works.

Business advantage of all the artworks is their high cultural value. Insurance company will compensate for a loss in case if pieces are stolen or injured. Moreover, paintings are good investment as they draw attention of many visitors and possible customers and add to the popularity of the company. The employees should find inspiration owing to the exhibits. Security considerations that should be done include checking all the documents for the artwork according to jurisdiction, clear re-reading of the points of the contract, and applying of the insurance policy to the purchased objects.

Auction Houses propose many lots on sale. In my mind, there is very nice painting St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans by Robert Wadsworth Grafton exhibited at Neal Auction House. This American painter of 1876-1936 created a magnificent picture of well-known Orleans Cathedral that “is a good example of subject matter dictating the value of a painting” (Chicago Auction News, 2010). The budget expenditure should amount approximately 25000/35000 $. The painting is made in oils; dimensions are thirty inches on twenty four inches. The impressionist artist recreated on the canvas the beauty of the cathedral with its surroundings just before the twilight hour when the sun covered the temple with azure tints. Among other prolific works of sir Grafton are New Orleans Courtyard, Lady with a Fan, Patsey and Mother and others. During the winter-time of 1917-1918 Grafton painted in cooperation with his closest friend and another famous artist Louis Oscar Griffith. Their unmatched impressionistic worldviews featured on the cycle of paintings devoted to picturesque scenery of New Orleans with its buildings. The painting St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans by Grafton is suitable as the future building should also remind the cathedral. The masterpiece may be placed in the Human Resources and Company Cafeteria as well as in lobby as it creates an atmosphere of relaxation.

Another beautiful drawing placed in the new headquarters might be Mockingbird, Mimus Polyglottos created by Italian-American naturalist painter Athos Rudolfo Menaboni (1895-1990). This artwork made in gouache and water depicts a mockingbird sitting on a lovely flower of creamy colors. Its size is twenty inches per fifteen inches. The budget is 1000-1500 $. Mockingbird symbolizes the natural components of medicines. The flower is so pleasant that even a bird cannot help sitting on it. The background of the painting is in ivory white color. The mockingbird lingers upon one of the leaves as if in fascination. A little small bird on the petals of large beautiful flower looks noble. The painting should be placed on the walls of lobby so that the visors can experience the naturalness of WP at a first glance. Naturalistic artwork may inspire the customers to buy the products because they are made of natural components.

Finally, the third picture is Michael Bolls’ Migraine Headache. A series of paintings that portray headaches in pop-art manner is done by contemporary American artists Michael Bolls. One picture of Migraine Headache can be purchased for at least 5000$. According to the article posted by Tara McGinley, “these are not your average really terrible headaches… they’re much worse than that” (McGinley, 2014). Even aspirin cannot relief the pain but Worldwide Pharmaceuticals can. The company will invent a charmlike remedy that will cure the patients from the most horrible migraines which are often connected with blood pressure etc. In addition, the person must have had some complications after the disease like neuropathy, so this painting is applicable as well. Michael Bolls’ painting is done in harsh colors of orange, red, brick-red, and blue. There is a man with an expression of horrible pain on his face. One part of person’s head is featured with the globe of the eye and brains sticking out of it. Five knives are stabbed into those brains. A poor individual lifts his right hand up to the sky looking at it as if suffering from intolerable pain. Other naked figure lies in the position of embryo on the brown background. That person must be the same as one on the foreground, however, representing different interpretation of headache. Other interesting feature is a crowd of unknown people whose faces are darkened as though they are faded away because of headaches. The sky is blue but cloudy. The bloodlike desert symbolizes an ache, too. The painting should be placed in Research and Development or Sales and Marketing floors, as it brings some thoughts about specific maladies and their cure.

Investment in artworks is not a simple matter. First of all painting, sculpture, or photography should be thematic suitable for the image of the company. Pharmaceutical company needs Menaboni’s Mockingbird, Mimus Poliglottos, Grafton’s St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans, and Michael Bolls’ Migraine Headache hanging on the walls. All the masterpieces bear some significant sense. The pictures are aimed to attract staff, clientele, and visitors.


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