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Business Communication

Effective communication is an important aspect of both private and business sphere of a person’s life. The effectiveness of communication depends not only on the content of the message, but it is more determined by the way the ideas are conveyed (Krizan, Merrier, Logan, & Williams, 2010). It implies that both interlocutors should send and receive appropriate and clear messages to get a complete cycle of communication. To illustrate the above ideas, two examples of effective and ineffective communication are provided.

Last summer, I decided to work as a camp leader to teach small children art and drama. It could be a great experience of practicing communicative and management skills. To get this summer job, I had to pass a qualification test and have an interview with the principal. The first task was done and I was invited to come to the office. I thoroughly prepared for the meeting and searched the Interned for the camp’s history, its functions and priorities. I prepared a short self-presentation and rehearsed it at home. As a result, my interview developed into an interesting conversation between two involved people. I produced a great impression and got the job. This example can be correlated with effective communication as it was carefully planned and organized. I prepared a structured talk and showed the skill of active listening. I paid attention to the headmaster’s style of talking and reflected it. Besides, I presented broad knowledge of the camp’s history and its tasks that showed my interest. It helped to create positive emotional background and made the principal inclined to me.

A few years ago, my parents advised me to participate in the project devoted to environmental protection. They considered it to be a great experience and a nice addition to my future resume. Before getting involved, an applicant had to go through an interview with the curator. I did not prepare for this talk and, as a result, I was not accepted. I suppose that this negative experience can be explained by numerous communicative barriers that appeared during the interview. First, I had insufficient knowledge of their organization. When it came to expressing my view on the problems they solve, I could not give a clear answer. I simply did not know their aims and ideas. However, the main drawback was my lie. To improve the impression, I said that I had experience in volunteer work, but when the curator asked to specify the projects, I started to invent the names. It was obvious and produced a negative impression.

If I had an interview for an internship of my dream, I would do my best to show professionalism and achieve the desired outcome. Business competence is clearly demonstrated in the experience and knowledge of an applicant. My first step to prove it will be to present my Curriculum Vitae and a motivation letter. I would send it through the Internet and call in a few days to get the answer. The factors involved in this phase are presentation and completeness. On the one hand, the resume should contain complete educational and practical background, but, on the other, it should be well-organized, written in appropriate language, and comprise one page, so the target reader would not be bored. The next step is to show my professionalism during the first visit to the company via extending common courtesy. The factors involved here are the medium and completeness, which means to show good manners towards all people in the office no matter of their job perspectives. The last way is to speak well during an interview. It implies not only a well-structured self-presentation, imposing active listening skills, and developing positive emotional background but also deals with using appropriate formal language and business terminology. The factors involved here are presentation and completeness.

Effective communication is the basis of productive business and well-established personal relations. It is a dynamic process and can often meet various barriers. They can be physiological (fatigue), language (incorrect semantic structure of the statements) or psychological (bad mood or stress). To understand proper strategies of communication, one should find ways of overcoming communication barriers.


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