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Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies

Mergers and acquisitions have always been peculiarities of public corporations with rapid development and continuous improvement of the performance. Today, the world of business offers customers from all over the world a diversity of public corporations, which went through the various stages of development. It is impossible to find an industry which does not have a successful corporation, which operates in public terms. Such corporations grow and develop thanks to the myriad of mergers and acquisitions. Public corporations formulate a part of business entities, which tend to improve their performance and productivity by mergers or acquisitions. However, many public corporations tend to deny that they need mergers and acquisitions. In general, every company makes its own choice in the aspect of the development.

1. Apple Inc. is the company which belongs to the public sector and continues to grow thanks to mergers and acquisitions. It helped Apple to win loyalty of millions of customers all over the world. Nevertheless, Apple originated from the United States, which means that the company had to make a long way to success in order to have an enormous customer’s base. Annually, the corporation continues to impress the world with the diversity of innovative products and technologies, and this fact proves that the company is responsible for the technological breakthroughs. Nowadays, Apple has a myriad of competitive advantages, which provide business with various peculiarities. Acquisitions help the corporation to maintain balance in its goals and opportunities in the business world. In addition, acquisitions help to open new branches in the company’s performance and its ability to bring new devices to the world.

The history of the corporation covers different acquisitions, and each of them had a significant influence on the development of further performance. The first acquisition initiated by Apple took place in 1988. The corporation decided to acquire Network Innovations, which took care of software development and worked with many companies. Apple realized that it is possible to develop business by means of acquisition of other businesses. Today, Apple continues to adhere to the strategy of rapid acquisition in order to promote its evolution and technological innovation. In 2013, the corporation made approximately 15 acquisitions, which made visible effects on the way the company’s products look today. Apple’s global strategy lies in creating an appropriate innovational background for further development of the corporation. Acquisitions are the source of new ideas and innovational products for Apple. Locationary, Embark, and AlgoTrim are the companies that comprise the list of acquisitions belonging to Apple. However, the corporation does not always reveal all acquired companies for the reason of secret projects, which are supposed to surprise the world with new devices. The corporation is used to keep in a secret its plans to impress the customers and excel their expectations. For example, the company may acquire a company related to the development of cameras. It means that soon customers will be impressed by new characteristics of the camera in the device of Apple. Every acquisition of Apple belongs to the complex strategic plan. It is obvious that every decision of a well-known corporation aims to change an overall idea of the manufacturing process (O’Brien, 2014).The corporation is interested in the achievement of natural benefits from acquisitions, which can help to boost its performance. As a result, Apple obtains a myriad of competitive advantages, which penetrate its strategic perspective and ability to innovate and implement ideas in the new products.

2. Success does not walk away from companies, which are not willing to develop with the help of mergers and acquisitions. Harley Davidson is one of the outstanding companies, which obtained success due to its high quality performance and rapid development without any acquisitions. It is interesting to know that public companies have the same chance to grow and develop without acquiring other businesses. In addition, such companies have the same opportunity to win hearts of millions of customers all over the world. Harley Davidson is one of such companies, which operates in United States from 1903. It successfully went through the challenges of Great Depression and its negative influence on all spheres of life, which resulted in the growth of low quality products across the country. Harley Davidson managed to stand to the competition with Japanese competitors, who continue to attempt to replace it on the global market. A unique design combined with outstanding quality and engine’s power helped Harley Davidson to increase the level of its competitiveness. The company had to face numerous problems on the way to success. The company tends to pursue that it managed to introduce a new lifestyle, which is appealing to many customers all over the world. It is a legendary company, and it managed to impress almost every customer. Harley Davidson also won loyalty of customers thanks to the outstanding reliability of every motorcycle. A strict system of quality control helps to monitor all manufacturing processes in order to take care of potential customers.

It is necessary to emphasize that acquisitions may become a significant point in the company’s further development. Harley Davidson continues to astound from other companies and competitors thanks to its original approach towards the strategic performance. Every customer has a dependency on the evolution of both technologies and vehicles in terms of contemporary globalization. Harley Davidson is a reliable company, which produces one of the most famous and widespread vehicle, which will always take place in the world with high competition. In addition, products of the company will always belong to the category of luxury because of the company’s unique approach towards product development. Harley Davidson does not need any additional advertising or special techniques to increase customer loyalty. However, it is possible to think about the company’s further development in terms of collaboration with BMW. It is another outstanding company, which is famous for the quality of its cars and motorcycles. The company originated from Germany, and it has already managed to achieve recognition on the international arena. BMW is always willing to improve its performance and enhance the level of quality. It has a unique design and increases a myriad of satisfied customers thanks to the high level of quality. BMW is a company that does not have difficulties in overcoming problems and challenges on the way to success (Lyndon, 2012). Business excellence and continuous innovational improvement of the product’s design contribute to the essence of the company’s activity. According to the selected strategy of the company, it strives to enhance its development by means of unveiling continuous opportunities in the external environment. First, BMW can cooperate with Harley Davidson to have a better penetration of the U.S. markets and Europe at the same time. Second, BMW can work with Harley Davidson to put new innovational and scientific approaches in the development of new products. Collaboration of two legendary companies can be an optimal approach towards the establishment of a new level of performance. Customers will be amused to see the products of such collaboration.

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3. Public corporations keep high attention to every factor which influences the performance. Apple takes care of its business-level and corporate-level strategies at the same time to promote its ability to accommodate to the terms of both external and internal environments. Through the lenses of two different strategies, Apple is capable of keeping one-step forward in terms of the performance of other companies. Apple is capable of creating its own tendencies in the market, which creates new challenges for the company’s competitors. Customers have no idea how Apple is capable of maintaining its performance along with the creation of new products. In its turn, innovations help Apple to remain a primary leader in its industry. It is possible to see obvious aspects in the Apple’s performance, which help it to remain an optimal leader.

The business environment of Apple considers that competitors will always be a threat to the company’s success. Apple is a company with high accommodation skills, which are primary elements in the company’s inclusion in every sphere of its activity. A business strategy of the company is to maintain the above-mentioned elements to promote its further development in the world full of competitors. Apple aims to remain a primary leader in meeting requirements of the most demanding customers and exceling their expectations. All these facts reflect the proof that Apple has an appropriate business-level strategy aiming to satisfy its customers. The company’s principles of the performance include a continuous improvement of all processes, dedicated work, mutual respect in the internal environment, and the focus on strategic goals.

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Corporate-level strategies also formulate an essential part of the company’s activity. Apple’s subordinates have a high inspiration and motivation from the company aiming to participate in the creation of a new unique product. All employees have an opportunity to perform in terms of teamwork with a division of duties. Apple contributes to the establishment of a comfortable workplace environment in order to promote the effectiveness of every employee. Subordinates, partners, and other stakeholders believe in the company’s further success and strive to impress customers with technological breakthroughs of the contemporary world. Apple has a strong motivational system for its employees to make a difference in the world of technological development.

4. International collaboration is a new step in the establishment of the optimal conditions of the company’s performance. In addition, it is important to consider the common set of principles in the collaboration of two companies. In this case, there is a need to consider the points of mutual help and support in terms of collaboration. Harley Davidson is powerful enough to ensure its success and further development on the same conditions as it pursues today. However, there is a need to optimize the company’s performance by broadening its territory of the activity. It means that each acquisition should consider specific terms of cooperation in order to let the company know its opportunities.

The contemporary position of the company means that there is a need to prepare for the future changes and accommodations in the new environment on the international arena. Harley Davidson should work on the improvement of its performance by extending the outlook in the markets presented by the international cooperation (Baskin, 2013). First, Harley Davidson needs to be capable of following and introducing its strategy in terms of cultural differences on the international arena of markets. A business strategy of the company should focus on the customer’s lifestyle and appreciation of the company’s struggle in a continuous competition. The company should prove its clients that they need to have a promotion of their lifestyle by the company. It will help to upgrade the company’s principles of performance.

In conclusion, it is important to claim that public companies have a wide range of opportunities and possibilities in the business world, which can help to gain success on the global level. It is important to take care of a company’s inclusion in a new sphere of performance. Two different companies revealed in the discussion (Apple and Harley Davidson) helped to understand that every detail in the process of acquiring another business is valuable. Harley Davidson decided to concentrate its attention on the uniqueness of its products, while Apple brought minds of millions of customers to the innovative side of routine devices.


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