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A Successful Way

A successful way to develop strong educational program and ensure improved performance in schools is to establish school communication and community partnership/relations support strategy that ensures that all the concerned parties in a particular education system are involved day to day affairs of the school. To build a strong relationship between the community and the school, two-way communication is a key element. This paper therefore presents important ways of establishing proper strategies of communication and how to establish effective community relation support approach for improved learning.

Allen (2009) asserts that in some cases, educators are contented to allow parents, families and the communities at large take initiative in participating/ getting involved in the education of their children. However for real partnership to take place, educators have to look for ways through which the schools can initiate this participation/involvement. In a partnership of such kind, the involved school, and the home (community) have a shared responsibility in the learning of their children, hence the existing relationship must be involvement. To strengthen this partnership therefore, schools have to give emphasis to a wider base of community involvement.

All this however has to lay its foundation on communication as an important and necessary tool to promote efficient school-family-community relation support to realize improved learning, strong schools, families and communities. Consequently proper strategies have to be implemented by the schools to establish effective school communication and community relation support.


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