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About Rumors

This paper represents the subject of rumors. It elucidates the anxiety that usually comes with rumors. According to the available literature, rumor is a form of information, which authenticity is not confirmed, and, as such, cannot be taken for an absolute truth.

Rumor is often considered to be an account of events being conveyed from one person to another, but its truthfulness cannot be verified. Rumors can be very popular in the public domain, especially, if there is no official and reliable source of information. According to research conducted in 1998, the subject of rumor cuts across several fields of study including communications, sociology and psychology. Thus, once a rumor emerges, it has tremendous influence on different spheres of life and on different people (Asimov, 2011).

Due to the fact that rumors, usually, do not have a proper definition in the ideal social setup, it brings a lot of anxiety to the people, especially when reliable information cannot be obtained. This led to the popular say that “tell us what you will tell us”. This statement was meant to ease the tension or anxiety that comes with rumors. In psychology, various theories describe rumor as the kind of information whose veracity may never be hard to discern if at all it is discernible (Asimov, 2011).

Basically, rumors give an ample opportunity to the social malice in the form of propaganda and other forms of character assassination. The fact that rumors are not easy to prove or may never really been proved has given politicians a tool for their campaigns. They perfectly do this by speaking more emphatically and less accurately about rumors which authenticity they cannot prove to stay ahead of their competitors. In some instances, it is a deliberate attempt to use rumor to unduly misinform people (Asimov, 2011).

In conclusion, rumor is basically a statement which veracity is hard to prove. They are often hard to distinguish from truths, thus, used by politicians to gain political mileage. However, it can cause a great deal of anxiety when the audience suspects that it is not a proven fact.


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