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Assistive Technology for Communication

Augmentative and alternative communication continues to play an important role in aiding learners with communication challenges to learn in a school environment or interact with other people at home (Carpenter & Johnston, 2011). Apart from the fixed-display communication board, Betsy can benefit with the use of technologies such as the touch screen. As the case study illustrates, Betsy has communication problems and assistive technology could ameliorate her communication deficiencies and address some of her needs. When working with the touch screen, Betsy can learn to communicate by using adaptive computer access mounted with a touchscreen monitor. This device should have the appropriate software Betsy would interact and navigate using a touch screen. Nonetheless, this technology requires Betsy’s teachers to make room for the computer in her classroom.

The IEP made an excellent decision in choosing the fixed-display communication as a solution to Betsy’s learning and communication needs. This assistive technology makes use of symbols to help learners with impairments communicate and learn about their shrouding, as well. The communication boards, which the IEP team chooses, augment Betsy’s strength on motor skills. This means that Betsy can learn how to use the assistive technology because she can point to the picture and communicate with others around her. The fixed-display communication board is an appropriate device that will help Betsy communicate and enhance her behavioral responses.

The fixed-display communication board is a powerful tool that can enhance learning for impaired students. In a classroom, teachers must program the device with picture schedules that fit the classroom activities. An impaired learner will then have the opportunity to learn how to use the device before deriving the benefit if the technology (Carpenter & Johnston, 2011). Most important, the teacher should encourage the learner to point at various pictures that correspond to the classroom activities being taught. In a classroom environment with learners such as Betsy, impaired learners should best use the fixed-display communication board when taking part in interactive activities that will improve the communication skills. Similarly, teachers must learn how to use the device or train impaired learners as this will allow them to support the use of the device in delivering classroom activities.


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