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Business Communication TD

Question one

We all lie for different reasons: to conceal the truth, to avoid unnecessary questions, or to persuade. However, to be persuasive, one needs to be believable and truthful. It is important to note that, some lies may not be considered as lies although the intent may be the same, for instance, forgery, disguise and exaggeration. All human beings have the capacity to lie; even children so as to avoid punishment. Some claim that the world is a better place because of lies. I remember receiving a call from my wife at my workplace asking me to take her out. I went to the manager to ask for time off, but lied that my wife was sick and I wanted to take her to the hospital. The fact is, I was a habitual latecomer and there was no way he could have given me permission to go out. However, he agreed to the idea that I wanted to take someone to the hospital. I hurriedly left my office and went to meet my girlfriend at a restaurant on the outskirts of town just to make sure no one spotted me.

            Things got worse when it was time to leave the restaurant; the manager was coming to the same place. I bumped on the manager on our way out. When our eyes met, I felt ashamed and stupid. He got angry with me, and I had to admit that I was wrong and asked for forgiveness. That was my last day to ask for an off from work. Honestly, given the situation that was the right thing to do because if I were to tell the truth, he would not have given me permission.

Question two

Tufte argues that the effective way of presenting information in technical setting, such as, academic seminar or meeting of industrial expert, is by distributing a brief written report that can be read by all participants quickly during the meeting. He argues that it is the best way of passing information from the presenter to the audience. I support the argument since PowerPoint presentation is designed to guide and reassure presenters, rather than the audience. Poor typography and chart layout from presenter leads to poor understanding, however, this would be avoided if handouts are used as readers could browse later and relate items at their leisure.

Question three

When choosing a career one has to consider a number of issues, for instance the academic qualification or skills requirement, but the most important touches on personal interest and personal achievement. Job satisfaction is important and if one is comfortable with his or her job, then it the best. In my view, my job is the best as it fulfills all my dreams and I highly recommend it to any person who has what it takes.


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