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Channels of Communication

The organization has adopted the formal communication networks, which puts into consideration the structure of the organisation and the hierarchy of the individuals involved in the organisation. Formal communication in an organization follows four directions. The downward communication is involved with communication from those in higher levels of leadership in the organisation to those in the lower ranks. The leaders normally pass down the roles and the goals of the organization to the entire organization.

Upward communication in the formal channel refers to the communication from the lower ranked individuals to the higher ranked individuals, mostly those in leadership positions. This occurs when there is need to give suggestions or solutions to existing problems. Horizontal form of communication occurs with people of the same level. It can be between workers of the same category or even friends. Mostly what is shared surround the activities between individuals or departments. Diagonal communication on the other hand involves two different groups where a group of lower rank communicates to one of a higher rank in a different department. Formal communication has been an effective tool in enabling the organization to achieve its organizational goals. It plays a crucial role in solving the problems that occur in the organization.

It is essential for a company to select carefully the type of communication channel that is to be used in the organization. Various factors are considered in this program. First, the nature of the organization that is in question should be considered. It is also necessary to consider the organizational goals and objectives for they are greatly affected by the type of channel that the organization chooses. The nature of the message also determines the type of channel. Is it a personal message and what does it convey. The cost of using a certain channel together with the benefits that accrue from its use should be taken into consideration.


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