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Communicating Non-Verbally

Nonverbal communication can be termed as a form of communication whereby message is passed wordlessly. In other words, the language is not part of communication and instead body language, facial expression, posture, gesture and eye contact are meant to pass the message. According to McCornack, a speech contains non verbal element such as, speaking style, voice quality, pitch, volume, rate, as well as prosodic features such as rhythm, intonation and stress. Codes of non verbal communication are sound, sight, touch, smell, kinesthetic channel or taste.

In non verbal communication, time is among the factors considered in willingness to wait for the gestures and the speed of speech, as well as interpretation of the body language. Non verbal communication is used to display feeling and emotions in verbal communication. For instance, when talking body language is used to interpret and stress the message passed. This can be noticed when someone contradicts the body language and the words, especially when one is lying and does not maintain eye contact.

WALLE is a film created in 2008 whose storyline is based on two robots, Walle and Eve falling in love. Walle is designed to clean waste in BnL (buy -n- large) while on the other side, Eve is sent to search fro any traces and signs of life. The characters have no human voice, and instead they communicate with robotic sounds and body language. Examples of occasions where body language is used are when Walle shows Eve the seedling he had found growing in trash, Eve showing her aggressiveness and stubbornness to Walle, Walle enjoying the company of his cockroach pet Hal, Walle teaching Eve how to giggle as a way to display emotions, and finally Walle clinging on the ship that is meant to return Eve to the Axiom.

In conclusion, non verbal communication has been beneficial especially for verbal disabled individuals.


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