Free «Communication Barriers» UK Essay Sample

Communication Barriers

Identification and Assessment of Communication Barriers

  1. typical channels in business communication
  2. face-to-face conversations
  3. telephone conversations
  4. formal letters
  5. memos
  6. electronic mails

Intercultural and Intergroup Communication

Cultural patterns and communication

Intercultural conflict styles and facework

Intercultural norms

Language attitudes in intergroup contexts

Transforming Barriers into Opportunities for Improved Learning and Performance

stretch the carrier along the inverse continuum

create a learning & performance constellation

develop action steps

shift trip-wire barriers and the patterns that sustain barriers


A.   Individual assessments

B.   Team assessments

1.     interpersonal communication barriers

2.     organizational communication barriers

a.     tampering

b.     defensive routines

c.     getting stuck in the past

d.     performance whitewashing

II.    Understanding Different Communication Channels

A.   Upward communication

B.   Downward communication


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