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Communications and Personal Development

What is learning?

Learning is the practice of obtaining revision in skills, knowledge and habits that already exist through exercise and experience. Learning involves associative practice, sense data discrimination, perceptual and psychomotor learning, Insight learning, imitation, problem solving and concept formation.

How will you apply learning in college and in work?

In the setting of a college, usually, students are allowed by their professors to study in their own desired style. It is the responsibility of the student to discover what works for him or her. Some students learn best by kinesthetic learning, aural learners and visual learners. A visual learner sits in front of the classroom away from any distraction that may divert ones attention from the professor. A visually free distractive environment is ideal for studies. As an auditory learner on the other hand, I will sit near or at the classroom front order to carefully, listen and be an active participant min class.

Describe a learning process which you have experienced.   How did it make you feel and was it successful/unsuccessful?

I have experienced being a kinesthetic learner’s take part in discussions in class and sit in front in the classroom maintain my active participation by taking notes. To enhance memory, interest and motivation, I directly involve myself by physical manipulation and imagery. During exams preparation, I answer my anticipated questions and tutor another person to engage in answers and questions. This learning style boosted my learning style. I was motivated by the outcome. More importantly, I strived for my exce3llene more and more. This method was successful since my psychological eagerness to participate in learning activities increased and thus contributing to my success in my studies.

What will you do differently in the future?

In the future, I will focus on how to improve on my skills in studies sand figure out the weakest points in my methods of study.bgy embracing both aural and visual learning.

What do we mean by time management and why is it necessary?

Time management means, arranging, budgeting and scheduling an individual’s time in order to generate effective productivity and work. Time management is crucial for teachers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs. A crucial aspect of time management is planning in advance. Time management is necessary since it enables an individual to prioritize his work in order of their urgency and more work will be done in less time. Time planning makes a wise venture of a resource that is very limited ensuring more quality work. Time management also helps in individual discipline since one is able to plan how to achieve his goals.

How will you manage your time in work? (smart goals)

SMART goals means a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound at work, an individual must be specific in order to manage his time effectively. By having a specific goal, one can allocate the necessary time needed to achieve the goal. Breaking ones goals into measurable parts enables one to weigh and allocate enough time to achieve ones goals. And setting attainable goal prevents one from wasting too much time on activities that may be fruitless. Similarly it is important to set a goal that is realistic. It is important to be time bound when setting ones goals. Setting a deadline provides motivation of beginning and driving ones action. Ones goals might not be attained without smart goals which are necessary for effective time management.

Describe a time you had trouble meeting a deadline.  What did you do?  How did your behavior affect the situation?

 I had to submit my reports to different departments of the institution at different dates. Despite my efforts to beat the deadline of submitting the reports one of the reports ought to be submitted last delayed. I rushed the report missing out some details as a result my job was at stake.

What will you do differently in future?

I have learnt to be specific, realistic and measurable when setting my goals. 

Tabulate 3 smart goals


Specific/ Action-oriented Realistic measurable

Create better learning environment

For students.



By encouraging better

Skills to be used when



All the groups in the     institution will be functioning by the end of the Year.



Specific/ Action-oriented Realistic measurable

Introduction of proper skills in




using of team work as

Way of learning new things.




after two sessions in learning  new skills, students will Be Expected to apply them during their school days                                     




Specific/ Action-oriented Realistic measurable

Launching of new school library






the school management will

Introduce new books which

Will help in developing new




by the end of this session new library will be ready use after the launch Skills in students by Building of new library



What is communication?

Communication can be defined as the act of transmission of information that is meaningful between a sender and a recipient the process of communication re quires a message, a sender, a channel and the intended recipient. Communication can take place over long distances in space and time. Communicating parties requires sharing a common area of communication. when the recipient understands the sender`s message, the process of communication is completed.

Differentiate between informal and formal communication in college and work?

Informal communication means a casual conversation and notes and mails between parties who know one another and are at ease to use. On the other hand, formal communication is an official letter or email or the manner in which you can converse with your boss. Informal and formal communication examines communication flow as it moves downwards or upwards for instance among superiors and their employees; and commonly among the peers which reefers to as horizontal, communication. At work, formal communication may occur when one fills an application for a job and in college, when one writes to the head of department to seek for interdepartmental transfer. Informal communication in college may involve birthday cards and friendly mails. At work, personal office gossip is informal communication.

Describe a communication process which you have experienced at work or in class. How did it make you feel? What was the outcome? Was it successful/ unsuccessful? How do you know?

At work I wrote a formal letter to my employer to seek for expansion of my contract was optimistic that my request was going to be granted due to the approach I used to address my request. My employer granted me my humble request. I considered it successful since I used the right form of communication and I will be able to create a rapport with my employer.

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What will you do differently in future?

In future I will consider being more official with my relationship with the boss and colleagues. This will boost both my formal and informal relationship within the office.

Describe what is meant by group dynamics.

Group dynamics is known as a common phrase for processes of groups or the study of groups. Whereby a group is referred to as two or more people linked to one another by communal relations. Since they influence and interact with one another they develop processes that are dynamic that divide them from individuals’ random collection. Some of these processes include development norms relations social influence and need to belong.

Describe a team role you have taken on in college or in work.

In college, I was once the secretary of our group. My role was to ensure that all assignments were well done and typed and submitted in good time. Although some group members were fond of missing the group discussion I had to ensure that every member contributes to our achievements.

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How do you think your role added value to the group task? What worked? What didn’t?

As the secretary I had to understand the working of the group and ensure stability in membership of the group. This helped a lot because by being strict, outsiders could not interfere with our performance as a group. As a secretary I had to ensure that the group norms were followed to the latter. These norms aimed at ensuring appropriate behavior and respect to all group members. This made our group more organized and as a result I boosted our group performance. One of our greatest challenges was irregular attendance by the members and interference from the outsiders. Barring the outsiders from attending our meetings did not work for us. They kept on coming to study with us some were helpful but others were not.

How would you ensure more effective group work next time?

I have come to realize that effective group work requires expert coaching. This will greatly help the group when they have interpersonal issues. According to Hickman, most group leaders are overbearing and undermine the effectiveness of the group.

Describe the difference between employment and employability.

Employability is a set of skill, achievements, personal attributes and understandings that makes alumnae get employed and succeed in occupations they have chosen.

Think about the new skills you have developed on this course so far. What strengths have you discovered which you did not know you had.

The strengths I discovered which I did not have are working in groups. Team work helped me discover my skills in leadership. Acting as a group leader in our team, my skills were realized when I managed to bring together my group members who worked as a team terming me as a good leader thus realizing my leadership skills.

My career goals in future and how I can discover them

My career goals in future are to ensure that, people learn to work as a community or in teams in solving matters or issues that prove to be difficult and also ensuring that they have unity through respect amongst themselves. These goals are achieved by educating the society on the importance of communication between them and how people or community can achieve while working together.

What new skills and attributes have you gained from studies so far?

Throughout my studies, the attributes and skills I gained are communication skills which are required in an institution. The quality communication skills used in society e.g. when giving information to different types of people, old or young, gender and the place either rural setting or modern. I also learned knew skills on how groups operate by working in groups and understanding each other fully.



Date: 20th June 2011


Activity undertaken: Group discussion

Reflection of learning experience:
I experienced new communication skills when interacting with my group.
Future actions: developing of new groups


Date: 19th June 2011


Activity undertaken: Participating in interclass games

Reflection of learning experience:

Through teamwork, our goals were easily reached.





Future actions: Encourage teamwork in the school.

What further improvements are needed i.e. essay writing, presentation skills, project work, taking notes etc.?

The improvements that are needed mostly are on presentation whereby students should learn how to express themselves and ensure when giving out information; they should also learn to be self explanatory. To simplify the information to make others to understand what they are trying to pass out.




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