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Communications Concepts

The group met and at an agreed time and came to the agreement that Las Vegas is now the entertainment capital of the world. Curious to know how this came about, the group members discussed on the series of development agendas has seen the place built into one of the most formidable metropolitans of the entire world. We were all of the agreement that this has brought the city to the ultimate state of glamor and glitz. And to the lovers of a good life; women and instant weddings! However the city has come a long way, and has in effect gone through the power structure and climate issues we discussed in our group.

The issues that bedevil Las Vegas were effectively discussed by the group members, and we understood that in the history of Las Vegas, it has been dominated by the rich. Due to their massive wealth, these particular individuals have gained power and control in their ownership of hotels and casinos. Similarly in life, the group members came to the agreement that the rich tend to be the ones that pioneer in most aspects of the history of any developments.

We had a leader of the group, and he was the one that led us through each aspect of the discussion. We did not all speak at once, as the leader of the group ensured that we were orderly and got to the point each one of us at a time. We therefore ensured that our ideas of the various aspects that shaped the history of Las Vegas. For instance, one member decided that the most important aspect of the history was the fact that there was an early 20th century instance of the Mafia and the Bugs and Meyer Mob earned their living through robbery, gambling, murder and bootlegging. Due to the lucrativeness of these particular heinous activities, they played a big part in the history of the famous city. We agreed that most of these black, they were portrayed by the predominantly white media as corrupt and dangerous. There has been no turning back in this trend, and the crime over the years that has been committed in Las Vegas was all the same orchestrated by these Mafia who were blood thirsty for money and power.

Communication is something very important, and we realized that the important of power structure in communication. If there is no control, and there is no particular person to lead a group through the process of discussion, there is the likelihood that the communication I’ll be stalled and there will be confusion in the agreement that is needed.

We met somewhere conducive for each one of the group members to feel free to bring out their ideas. This explains the necessity of having a conducive climate in any particular form of discussion and communication. Perhaps if we had met in a place where the people felt rather uncomfortable, our knowledge of Las Vegas, and the issues of gambling wouldn’t have been discussed with so much expressiveness.

Some of the relatives of some of may be victims of this habit. This brings to the personal level, and if there is that particular situation, then there will be no chance that a person will open up and speak freely. This was the reason why we chose to meet in a less noisy place where the disturbances were less.

Communication is of primary importance in life. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of the climate in which it happens, and the structure of power between the parties involved.


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