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Different Communication Styles

Communication is vital in the business environment for achievement of the organization goals. However, people have different ability and styles of communicating with one another, this result to different groups with different communication styles. This is the scenario with achievement of the development of sound departmental policies, due to the existence of difference communication potentiality.

As a chair of the departmental committee with six members with the different communication styles, the key factor is struggling to achieve team spirit by accommodating the contrasting communication styles for achievement of team effort. This is necessary to tap diverse ideas from these members with different capabilities. Therefore, achievement of high quality departmental policies, calls for the following paramount steps.

Recognition of the different communication styles within the group through open discussion. This will facilitate openness among members, and it will prepare the members to appreciate each other’s abilities and shortcomings. Having the attention of members on the diversity of communication style will hinder unreasonable disagreement among members resulting in smooth management of the discussion. In this step, it is necessary to discover those communication styles that are vital in the achievement of the goals such as diligent notation and tendencies towards persuasive communication against argumentative styles. At this stage, introduction of members according to their communication style they belong will highlight each role-play in the discussion.

Secondly, building of group culture that enhances group communications and which takes into account of the key traits across the group. It is crucial to isolate methods of communication that deem pertinent in the efficient communication and agree on the communication strategy that will incorporate at least one or more aspect from each group member. This will ensure observation of safety and that no one feels that their idea is isolated in achievement of the departmental objectives.

Thirdly, State the group communication strategy and give them opportunity to air their reaction on the way that strategy is expected to work. In the stage, it is indispensable to show where each member will be involved in the discussion and show at what point the different member will give his reaction. This should give a detailed structure of how the Instrumental, an Expressive, a Reflective, an Instrumental-Expressive blend, and an Expressive-Reflective blend will be involved in the process. The strategy should also clearly show the communication relationships of the members. Example, the instrumental might start by giving relevant policies in consideration for the department, while an Expressive allowed expressing in detail all what they think about the said policies. In the stage, the Reflective should consider the viability of these said policies in light of the resources available and consideration of the obstacles facing each of the policy. An Instrumental-Expressive blend should be given the chance to take into consideration of the ideas raised by the instrumental and the reaction of an Expressive. Finally, Expressive-Reflective blend should be engaged to refine Expressive and Reflective side for realization of the consensus.

Fourth, posting a summary of the communication strategy that can guide the group in a discussion held. A copy of material of summary to each member is necessary to remind them of their team responsibilities. Requesting each member to remain committed to implementation of the goals is critical, as it helps to give them sense of usefulness in the group, and act as a reminder of the maintenance of the team spirit.

Finally, the recognition of any deviation cases from the planned communication strategy is essential. There should be sensitization of the advantages of adherence to the stipulated communication strategy and the effect of failure to adhere.

The implementation of these steps will facilitate effective communication environment among the group. Therefore, this will give the members freedom of expressing their ideas without any fear or favor. In addition, the members will contribute in the development of departmental policies with less friction in the discussion. At the end, I will expect the reinforcement of ideas from each member and development of sound departmental policy, which will help in achievement of the organizational goals.


Doctors are indispensable in the lives of patients. They offer a solution to a range of the problem that the patients undergo. However, like any other professions they require set of professional ethics that guide them. The way they relate with their patients and other people is paramount because it determines the destiny of the patients. They are required to establish adequate communication between them and patients to avoid medical malpractices. Other things that are required to be observed include compassion, confidentiality and interacting with colleagues.

Communication between patient and doctors is necessary because each party needs information, which forms part of their decision. The Doctor need to know what the patient suffering, the duration, and the pain they feel. The Doctor cannot establish these things on his own, but they need assistance from the patient. On the other hand, the patient need to know the implication of the diseases is suffering and the suitability of the medicine used. Doctors and the patient may have different explanatory model for the cause of the sickness due to the difference in the culture, educational background and the shared values. Therefore, proper communication is vital in solving these explanatory differences. In addition, Doctors build up the patient confidence and to ensure full disclosure of information they are supposed to observe confidentiality of the information obtained from the patients. Allowing the participation of those close to patient in solving the problem by the Doctor is vital. This gives the patient higher self-esteem and room to negotiate for what he believes fit for the treatment.

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The scene in the film The Doctor depicts these principles. For example, there is a violation of the principle of confidentiality as seen where McKee and his wife share a laugh listening to the antics of a patient on the speakerphone in their care. This is very wrong and in the future can lead to patient refusal to give confidential information fearing that it can be discussed with third party. Another instance where the principle of confidentiality is violated is when the colleague of McKee expresses his concern after hearing that McKee was suffering from cancer. This is an evident that there was no observation of confidentiality. In the film, there is interaction with a colleague and the patient, through vigorous consultation. This happens when the physician accepts McKee to join him and Dr. Abbott in the discussion of his alternative medicine. However, McKee was driven by the life philosophy that the Surgeon job was to cut, and the patient has the duty to go in, and receive the medication and leave. According to McKee, the surgeon is only the determinant. This same philosophy of surgeon-‘know it all’ is the one that affects his relationship with his family. McKee does not see the importance of the family in the solving the patient problem as supported by how he responds to his wife that the cancer was not their diseases but his disease.

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Interaction is believed to mould people’s ways of communicating with one another and thus helpful in building the spirit of togetherness in tackling the life problems. This is crucial in finding the joint solution of dealing with the range of issues affecting patients.


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